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FREE DOWNLOAD Ê The Art of Forgiving Ü ❴PDF / Epub❵ ☉ The Art of Forgiving Author Lewis B. Smedes – Lewis Smedes writes about forgiveness like no one has ever written about it before There is no better book in the English language about this subject which if properly mastered can change the facAtes step by step the healing path to peace and freedom  Altogether a wonderfully wise and enabling book one of Smedes's very best The Art of Forgiving is itself a work of art Throughout my reading I found myself exclaiming 'That never occurred to me but yes that's right' I felt as if I were being led by an extraordinarily lucid and perceptive guide on a tour through the land of forgiveness     Nicholas Woltersdorff   Professor of Philosophical Theology  The Divinity School Yale Universit. There's a lot of wisdom about forgiveness and how the gospel drives it There are also a few flies in the ointment For example Smedes worries about “fast forgivers” who forgive uickly in order to avoid their pain p137ff This makes a lot of sense not to fake forgiveness or say we forgive when we really don’t but he never deals with what Jesus says in this regard “forgive us our trespasses as those who trespass against us” which is to say right away because God doesn’t hold our sins against us He talks about waiting for the right time and uotes Nelson Mandela “Ah yes forgiving it will have to come to that sometime but not yet not while the boot is still on our neck” p139 It’s hard not to think of Jesus forgiving His mockers from the cross while worse than the boot is on his neck praying to the Father to forgive them extending His own forgiveness In other parts of the book Smedes addresses the problem with thinking we can control others or protect ourselves by not forgiving but I think he misses it here Similarly he also encourages people to “stay angry” and says “Anger is aimed at what persons do Hate is aimed at persons” but Jesus connects the two You have heard that it was said to those of old ‘You shall not murder and whoever murders will be in danger of the judgment’ But I say to you that whoever is angry with his brother without a cause shall be in danger of the judgment And whoever says to his brother ‘Raca’ shall be in danger of the council But whoever says ‘You fool’ shall be in danger of hell fire” Matt 521 22 Anger against sin including sin against us can be good and righteous but rather than “stay angry” we’re told “Be angry and do not sin” do not let the sun go down on your wrath” Eph 426 We can get faithfully angry every day but in order to keep it faithful and not make us bitter and unrighteously angry we have to put it away with the sunset So often people sleep on it thinking that will help but all it does it is marinate the problem overnight Forgiveness a promise it’s something we do every day maintaining the forgiveness we've granted in the past and promising to forgive like Christ does again tomorrow Of course we know that we can sin and grieve the Holy Spirit again tomorrow but if we confess it He really forgives us again and so His mercies are new every morning enabling us to walk free and full of joy

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Forgiveness Gods own gift within the capacity of every wounded person even in circumstances when only hate seems possible With inspiring words he leads you through the three stages of forgiveness and helps you understandWhy we forgive often the person who benefits most is the forgiver What we do when we forgive perhaps not what we expect Whom we forgive only those who directly wrong usHow we forgive we start by owning our pain  Using many dramatic examples drawn from life this wise author illumin. Really good clarification about the things that forgiveness is and is not Also goes through the hows of forgiving and what to do when you find that it is especially hard or when you worry that you have gone backwards


The Art of ForgivingLewis Smedes writes about forgiveness like no one has ever written about it before There is no better book in the English language about The Art PDF this subject which if properly mastered can change the face of human relationships   Neil Clark Warren              Author of The Triumphant Marriage and Make Anger Your AllyIf you are ready to make peace with those who have hurt or betrayed you there can be no finer road map than this thoroughly practical book Lewis Smedes brings true. Forgiveness is a difficult process One of my favorite parts of the book was this The way to hope for a better future after a bad past is the way of forgivingWe see the bad things that happened in the past through the lenses of whatever good has come to us afterwardForgiving does not edit bad things out of our memories any than it makes the bad things good Forgiving only helps us remember the positive things that follow itVictims often twist the wrong someone else did to them into something that is wrong with them If someone abandons us we imagine that we were not worth keeping If someone abuses us something bad in us must have made him do it If someone we loved stops loving us we must be unlovableNobody can ever do anything worthy of self respect than to break the grip of a painful past she never deserved and walk dangerously with hope into the possibility of tomorrowForgiving does not remove our scars When we are wounded once wounded and wronged deeply wounded sorely wronged we carry a scar that stays when the wound is healed If we are wounded in the fifth chapter of our story we write the sixth chapter as a wounded author When a person forgives and the stitches are torn open by a remembrance of past wrongs she can feel the healed pain again and be glad for the moment's connection with the past; it reminds her how good it is to be healedOne way to regain hope is to choose the new way of remembering that comes with forgiving the wrongs of the past