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FREE EBOOK ´ EPUB The Year of the Flood è 9780385528771 í [PDF / Epub] ☉ The Year of the Flood By Margaret Atwood – The times and species have been changing at a rapid rate and the social compact is wearing as thin as environmental stability Adam One the kindly leader of the GoEn a young trapeze dancer locked inside the high end sex club Scales and Tails and Toby a God's Gardener barricaded inside a luxurious spa where many of the treatments are edible Have others survived? Ren's bioartist friend Amanda? Zeb her eco fighter stepfather? Her onetime lover Jimmy? Or the murderous Painballers survivors of the mutual elimination Painball prison? Not to mention the shadowy corrupt policing force of the ruling powe The Year of the Flood is a seuel to her 2003 book Oryx and Crake Those characters arrive here in the back uarter of the book They are both set in a post apocalyptic western nation and explore the implications of many contemporary trends Although I share Atwood’s concern about most of the problem sources she identifies the book did at times feel a bit like a laundry list of the sins of the 20th and 21st centuries Of course some of the dynamics she portrays are eternal battles for power desires for fulfillment personal searches for meaning Atwood works multiple time lines from year 1 to year 25 of the waterless flood a never fully explained disaster that may be the result of viral infection caused by side effects of genetic engineering One can figure it out but look to Oryx and Crake for further understanding I felt that the amount of time dedicated to her characters’ youth made it feel at times like a YA novelHer focus is on a group known as the Gardeners a green organization dedicated to preparing for the coming “flood” by returning to as natural a state as possible recycling wherever possible growing their own food minimizing their impact on the environment But human dynamics being what they are even the greens are not immune to the sins that are a part of human nature And anyone who has been in a political or religious organization of any sort will recognize the sort of nit picking discussions she portrays here I liked the book and would recommend it Don’t expect a masterpiece like Handmaid's Tale but Atwood's alarm signals are worth heeding

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RsMeanwhile gene spliced life forms are proliferating the lionlamb blends the Mo'hair sheep with human hair the pigs with human brain tissue As Adam One and his intrepid hemp clad band make their way through this strange new world Ren and Toby will have to decide on their next move They can't stay locked awayBy turns dark tender violent thoughtful and uneasily hilarious The Year of the Flood is Atwood at her most brilliant and inventiv I absolutely loved this book one of the best I ever read Amazing how a writer can make up such a story of an apocalyptic world caused by 'the waterless flood' an man made plagueand what this self destruction does to the world of ours I remember loving 'Oryx and Crake' for the weirdness and confronting character of the story but I actually liked this one a bit better contrary to other reviewers This because I was intrigued by and really liked the stories of the female main players in this story Toby and Ren and the Gardeners I also loved the going to and fro in time One thing I did not like as others also were the Gardener chapters and the singing texts But I see that the connection was needed to bring the story together Just read through it uickly to continue with either an episode of Tony or Ren 'Out of this world' this story is Loved it from start to end This type of book is what reading makes worthwhile I can't wait to explore work of Margaret Atwood have read three so far What I also really like in her style she writes short chapters mini stories Because I had little time to read lately I did manage one chapter every day before sleep and looking forward to the next chapter the day after already So this book made me read every day albeit short pieces Also despite that this story is really gloomy in character there is a positive undertow throughout the whole book as I felt it I highly recommend this one 'The sun brightens in the east reddening the blue grey haze that marks the distant ocean The vultures roosting on the hydro poles fan out their wings to dry them The air smells faintly of burning The Waterless Flood a man made plague has ended the worldBut two young women have survived Ren a young dancer traped where she worked in an upmarket sex club the cleanest dirty girls in town; and Toby who watches and waits from her rooftop garden Is there anyone else out there? '

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The Year of the FloodThe times and species have been changing at a rapid rate and the social compact is wearing as thin as environmental stability Adam One the kindly leader of the God's Gardeners a religion devoted to the melding of science and religion as well as the preservation of all plant and animal life has long predicted a natural disaster that will alter Earth as we know it Now it has occurred obliterating most human life Two women have survived R I’m really tempted to take a cheap shot at Margaret Atwood and call her the George Lucas of literature since I was very disappointed in this follow up to Oryx CrakeShe built an intriguing world in OC where corporations ruled and profited through genetic engineering and gene splicing animals in a way that would give Dr Moreau some ethical concerns And she tied that to the devastating story of how it ended along with the tale of Jimmy Snowman his mad scientist friend Crake and the woman they both loved OryxThe Year of the Flood centers around two women Ren and Toby through the course of their lives before during and after the disaster that occurs in OC Tobey has been victimized by bad luck and a vicious man to end up having to hide with the God’s Gardener’s Ren’s mother fell for one of the Gardeners and left her husband taking Ren from the cushy corporate compound they had been livingGod’s Gardeners are a green religious group led by Adam One By taking animal rights to a peaceful extreme and tying it to Christianity they’ve attracted a small following despite the consumerist culture around them Adam One preaches about the Waterless Flood a disaster that will pay back humankind for all the injustices done to the animal kingdom and those who have read Oryx Crake know that Reckonin’ Day is comingRen is eventually returned to the corporate compound life but never forgets her time with GG or her best friend Amanda Tobey is surprised to find herself becoming one of the respected senior members of the GG as time passes Neither woman knows it but they keep brushing up against the events and people who will eventually cause the Flood Especially Ren who’s first real boyfriend Jimmy from OC breaks her heart and leaves her pining for him for the rest of the book I was really looking forward to reading about this culture that Atwood had described in Oryx and Crake especially since the first book centered on the ‘elite’ types who work and live in the corporate compounds and this was about the rest of the people trying to live in a world turned into a biological and ecological madhouse But after reading it I really don’t see what the point was Oryx and Crake did just fine as a standalone book Giving me another version of events from an outsider’s perspective really didn’t add anything to it More since I knew how it was going to end I wasn’t nearly as involved in this story as I was OC Plus while OC ended on an ambiguous note Year of the Flood gives us resolution to that book only to introduce a new ambiguous ending Also there are far too many coincidences to be remotely plausible about survivors who knew each other before the Flood constantly running into each other after the big disaster It’s less of an apocalypse and like a class reunion I haven’t been this disappointed since Jar Jar Binks showed up And I’m worried that Atwood will be releasing Special Digitally Enhanced Versions of Oryx Crake and The Year of the Flood very soon I probably shouldn’t be this hard on a book that had some great writing but I really liked Oryx and Crake so reading this one left me feeling like I got a plate of reheated leftovers and it’s making me bitter I have no idea if Atwood plans to do any books related to this story so if she releases some kind of brilliant third book that ties all of this together and enhances the overall story I reserve the right to change my mind about this oneAnd on a humorous side note I listened to the audio book version of this and the song lyrics included by Atwood as part of Adam One’s sermons have been turned into some horrible post modern Christian rock tunes It made Creed sound good