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The Lonely Beast Free read ¿ 104 Ì ❮Reading❯ ➹ The Lonely Beast ➱ Author Chris Judge – Have you heard of the Beasts No not many have That’s because they are very rare This is the tale of one such Beast who decides to take a dangerous uest to find others like him Trekking over mountain HavComes at last to a great city There he finds many delights but sadly no Beasts so he returns home where a surprise awaits hi. ‘The Lonely Beast’ is a great book to encourage KS1 children to enjoy books whilst developing their curriculum grammar abilities Beginning with an engaging uestion the story follows a beast who has never seen anyone like him before as there is only one beast in each country As he begins to feel lonely he decides to go on a journey to find others that he can be friends with There are many obstacles for him to overcome including mountains the sea and other animals When he eventually finds a city he appears in the news to appeal to other beasts leading to the whole world discussing his story However he still can’t find any other beasts so he makes his journey home When he arrives home he discovers a surprise party waiting for him full of other beasts who had also been feeling lonely Combining the key messages of overcoming obstacles and never giving up the story encourages KS1 grammar with constant noun phrases lists and use of the past tense It is also a very simple story line that will help children to follow the plot and create their own similar versions

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Have you heard of the Beasts No not many have That’s because they are very rare This is the tale of one such Beast who dec. I did this book with my year ones for five weeks That's right FIVE weeks Before christmas I had never heard of this book before but I enjoyed doing it and it lent itself to lots of fun activitiesThe Beast is all black with no face Before even looking at the title we had a look at the picture of the Beast in the city When you read the book you know that he is trying to find friends but taken out of context it looks sinister We had a look at the Beast describing him trying to find out what he is like what he is doing where he had come from We did some freeze frames look at how people were portraying their emotions As the Beast had no face it was really interesting to find out why they thought what they didWe did a lot of work on story mapping the story acting out the different parts and then drawing them We used our story maps to do new reports and write news papers which were fantasticThe book also lent itself to art work The Beast walks under water meeting lots of different animals on the way We pretended to be jelly fish one of the animals he met and then created art work based on jelly fish As a book by itself it wasn't one of my favourites but it lent itself to some great activities and lessonsFor this review and others like it see

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The Lonely BeastIdes to take a dangerous uest to The Lonely PDFEPUBfind others like him Trekking over mountains and swimming across seas he. First off the Beast should be ripping those people to shreds What a shitty monster He obviously embarrassed the entire Beast community which is why when he was interviewed and gave the call to all other beasts they showed up at his garden instead of in a public setting He's going to learn very uickly from his fellow Beasts that he was too soft on the humans He will be initiated into a killing regime and become the monster he was born to be