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Read & download Ï Intrigue ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ [PDF / Epub] ☉ Intrigue ❤ Mercedes Lackey – Spellbinding storyteller Rave Reviews Mercedes Lackey continues her epic Valdemar series Magpie is a thirteen year old orphan chosen by one of the magical Companion horses of VImself comes under suspicion Who are Magpie's parents who is he really Can Mags solve the riddle of his parentage and his connection with the mysterious spies and prove his loyalty before the king and court banish him as a trait. I am a huge Mercedes Lackey fan but I must admit I'm a bit disappointed with this series so far I kept reminding myself that the middle book in a trilogy is almost always the weakest but then I realized that I wasn't incredibly impressed with the first one eitherI think the issue is that Lackey passes over the most interesting thing to me in the books the founding of the Collegia and tells the story from the point of view of someone who knows nothing about the mentor system they're leaving behind in favor of the classroom system Instead these books are a character study of Mags who isn't someone that I like very much unlike Talia; I was fine with the character study aspect of the Arrows trilogy because I loved Talia so much Mags doesn't have much of a personality really so it makes it difficult to relate to himAlso the real hard hitting plot doesn't begin until the latter uarter of the book when the ominous hints Lackey's been dropping about goings on in Haven finally crest and everything in Mags' life explodes rather impressively albeit slightly out of character ly When this starts and everything begins really moving the book became much better and I was sad that it endedA minor complaint is the same issue I took with earlier Harry Potter books too much is made of Kirball and their practice and matches in my opinionI'm not writing off the trilogy all together; I've loved Lackey too long for that But I sincerely hope the final installment is gripping and relevant than the first two

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Ained as a Herald Like all Heralds Magpie learns that he has a hidden Gift the Gift of telepathy But life at the court is not without obstacles When Mags is recognized by foreign secret operatives whose purpose is unknown Mags h. Mercedes Lackey I am disappointIt's been a bit since I went through my Valdemar binge and in the interval I've looked back on the series and seen some of its flaws the worldbuilding isn't all that creative the characters generally caricatured the plots rather uninspired the angst overexaggerated That doesn't mean I didn't enjoy them and doesn't even mean they won't stand up to a re read it just means they're not on my 'bucket books' list and that's really fine A lot of good books that I love dearly aren't on that list The Pern series for example which shares a lot of flaws with Valdemar now that I come to think of itWhen I picked up this book at the library I was so excited though it'd been some time since I read the first of the Collegium Chronicles I remembered wanting when it ended and hoped that I'd be able to recall enough that the second made sense By the time I needed to I had so that wasn't a problemThe reason this book got two stars instead of three or even four is that after a certain point it goes absolutely nuts It's crazy for a while before that of course since the crux of the plot is one of those highly contrived coincidences that drives me up the wall Yes human decisions don't always make sense and yes human stupidity is infinite but that can't be the center of the plot of a novel especially one where large numbers of humans are advised by infinitely wise magical horsesI could go with the whole 'chance blurting makes Mags subject of suspicion' plot if it weren't for the rest of it To avoid spoilers all I can say is everyone around him suddenly seems to go crazy and abandon him for no real reason blaming him for things that aren't his fault and completely flip flopping on assertions they'd made earlier which sends Mags spiraling into a deep and suicidal depression and ends in a disaster which is a not his fault and b blamed on him by everyone including his closest friends There follows a chapter or so of Mags wallowing Bella Swan like in misery as everyone he knows who have every reason to trust and care about him treat him like horse shit they don't want to muck out of the paddockAnd it drove me up the fucking wallThis makes no sense None It goes against everything that's already established about Valdemar the Heralds and the Companions in earlier series Think about how completely insane not to mention dangerous Tylendel became before his Companion repudiated him And I don't recall a single instance in two books where a Companion doubted Alberich even though he does hail from Valdemar's oldest enemy So to have the Companions turn on Mags on circumstantial evidence evidence which leads to no valid conclusion rings completely falseThe worst part though was view spoilerwhen Lena and Bear blamed him for Dallen's broken legs Like didn't you see him crying his eyes out waiting for help to come And you treat him like shit As if anyone especially a Mindspeaker whose connection to his Companion was as intense as Mags' with Dallen would purposefully hurt their Companion It was completely out of character unfit for the circumstances and infuriating hide spoiler

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IntrigueSpellbinding storyteller Rave Reviews Mercedes Lackey continues her epic Valdemar series Magpie is a thirteen year old orphan chosen by one of the magical Companion horses of Valdemar and taken to the capital city Haven to be tr. I went into this book loving Magpie as a character Some people are broken by things that have happened to them in life but it is how you learn to survive those breaking to become what you are suppose to be No it's not always easy but then who said it was suppose to be I'm glad I didn't read a single review before devouring this book It makes me angry when I read things like At one point I was fairly certain Mags IS Harrywell emo medieval Harry complete with wannabe uidditch and My first real issue with the book came in the form of the game Kirball it felt too much like Ms Lackey was trying to invent her own version of uiditch It makes me want to ask what book were they really reading And did they think that war games which is what Kirball was suppose to be simulating were orginally made up by JK Rawlings Seriously do people now believe JK Rawlings create football soccer and baseball too It's frustrating to me that people go into books thinking it's going to be just like so and so They seem to have stopped looking at a book for it's self What entertainment it will give to them not if it's the next big thingIntrigues is a good solid book that made me cry Was it a master peice of epic writing No But I'll tell you this I'm going to re read it again and again for many years to come because it entertained me As always Ms Lackey you have given me a book to read on a cold winters night curled up in my chair in a blanket Yes the book holds sadness but it also holds determination to do what is right