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Novel wordsGenres Thriller Gay Romance BDSMIn the aftermath of Jack Harrison’s release from the psychiatric unit Gray Raoul’s first instinct is to take brutal revenge on the one responsible for financing Jack’s and Jan’s torturous psychological reconditioning However that person is a plays the game dangerously well knows exac. 4 Gray Matters stars Full review posted December 23 2015I have exciting news With the permission of the author I may tell you that there will be a fifth book in the Don't series Fucking awesome isn't itAnyhoo now that the air has been cleared let me get back to Backlash the fourth installment in Jack L Pyke's Don't seriesFirst things first it is imperative that you read the books in order Backlash is told from Gray Raoul's POV And while we're on book #4 already all three main characters Jack Jan and Gray are still reeling in the aftermath of what happened in book #2 Antidote that contained Jack and Jan's brutal psychological reconditioning Things aren't back to normal in Backlash not by a long shot but we see them make small steps in the right direction In Antidote readers had to witness Jack and Jan's heinous and unspeakable trauma while Gray had been practically condemned to inactivity Well he did his very best to act yet it was too late to prevent Jack and Jan's awful ordeal Now having seeked and still seeking justice and revenge for those he loves dearly has taken its toll; physically and mentally that is Gray is just trying to hide it as best he can In the wake of those traumatic events Jack and Jan have experienced intense psychological care But what about Gray Not having been harmed physically like his lovers he surely must easily cope on his own He a strong confident and controlled Dom solid as a rock doesn't need anyone to help him get through this nightmare Or does he While Gray is still dealing with Jack and Jan's case someone is playing a dangerous and manipulative game of their own And there are times when a little support from friends is very much appreciated Trace Gabe and Dare from Lynn Kelling's Deliver Us series are than willing to lend a helping hand Finally I was so bloody happy when I knew that Jack would write another book told from Gray Raoul's POV I was like 'It's about damn time' I always had a very soft spot for Gray No scratch that He's been my favorite character of the series from the beginning and I knew that I would have to allocate a place of my heart For him Just for Gray I'm still miffed that the book title had to be changed from Gray to Backlash because this book was his His to tell his to own I'm aware of the circumstances that led to said change which gives me even reason to dislike a specific book Anyway I try not to be too upset about it I guess I will just have to internalize Backlash with Gray In my mind it stays Gray because Gray matters So fucking much “Certificates” said Gray shifting gear “I get them for advanced MI5 driving courses” “They do refresher courses” “Continuously” “Good” said Jack “because if you get any closer to that car in front the driver’ll be sticking up a sign asking you to climb up through the back window and give him head before you fuck him up the ass is all” Major issuesThe repetitiveness of certain words71 x mumbled mumbling mumble74 x cried or cried out I don't mean tearsA few examples Jack couldn't move and nearly cried out with how he was Martin cried out They cried out something much The taste there cried out Jack as his hard body cried out the need for It cried out how this Jan had cried out his nameetcThe infamous ellipsisThe overuse of ellipsis is a nuisance at least to me I get it I know that there are situations where it feels natural even unavoidable to make use of those three dots On the other hand it can interfere with the reading flow Personally I think that a good editor should take care of that problem because it can affect a great story negatively Or the other way around a good editor can make a great story even better These days I refuse to give a book five stars when I spot that kind of annoying 'side effect' Well since I've been reading an ARC here's hoping that the editing team will be redacting the story againAside from my issues there was uite a lot to enjoy and love about Backlash It goes without saying that Jack is still casually and unapologetically dropping his f bombs Someone told me that swearing is an acuired taste I really don't like a huge amount of f bombs in my books but I also know that swearing is an integral part of Jack's personality I'd go so far and say that he loves riling people with his filthy language Everything's fucking peachy right Wherever Jack is you can be sure that Martin isn't far away either and ready to leave his shady cornerI devoured Gray's POV because I craved to be in his head I got to know him better; he made an effort to open up about his childhood his background And what had been clear before already was even obvious in Backlash Gray really does care about Jack and Jan very much He loves them deeply and would do everything to protect them Some parts were highly emotional and tore at my heart I really dug that scene around the 30% mark It's proof that such an erotically charged and off the charts steamy scene can be intensely beautiful and genuine in spite of it being intentionally flawed I truly wish authors would have the courage to pursue that path and would come off that lane of fast sex and magic cocks that heal everything in no time flat “You lay there by me when I was so fucking scared of falling and you eased life by saying submission wasn’t defined by the weight of the chains that held the sub down or the control of the Dom above him” A tug came at Gray’s shirt then stomach muscle contracted as Jack brushed the thin line of hair running navel to pubic hairline “You said the art of submission the beauty of submission it came from the sub himself how he could sub with no chains present” A kiss brushed Gray’s lips and it took all of Gray’s willpower not to groan into it “And take away the chains” Jack mumbled as Gray let his breathing match the slow stroke that came above his pubic hairline “would you still lie beneath me” added Jack “It’s what you said remember” “You can’t stop someone loving you Jack but you can help when they’re hurting because of it You wanted to face him You do so now when he’s ready not you Please He’s being stripped to the core and is too afraid to speak” The author handled the entire buildup very well There is so much meat to the bone here Plenty of riveting storyline that found its climax during the final 20% and only few sex scenes Very few that is But those smexy times that are there are panty melting hot and very well written Also there is plenty of tenderness exchanged between the guys and the author provided all around thoughtfulness throughout the entire story If you expected that this trio would be back to hardcore sex and BDSM then I suggest you think again I've heard that Trace Gabe and Dare are pretty hardcore themselves but none of that was displayed this time around which suited me just fine The purpose of the guys from Lynn Kelling's Deliver Us series was in the vein of lending emotional and psychological support I'm incredibly relieved to have witnessed that there is no easy cure for either of the main characters particularly not for Jack and Martin Sure they are trying to get their footing while at the same time they are still struggling Fear frustration and pain have become their unsolicited mate Yet we know that their final destination can only be back to a normalized life Back to unconditional trust and drawing breath from each other while at the same time trying to find healthy coping mechanisms in order to deal with their fears Everything has to be earned though You know how it goes One step at a time Almost there Never far from here stunner The books must be read in orderDon'tAntidoteBreakdownBacklashBook #5 No title yetLink to the book's story page on ForbiddenFictioncom publication January 19th 2016 by Fantastic Fiction Publishinguotes approved by author All uotes are taken from the pre published copy and may be altered or omitted in the final copyARC courtesy of author Jack L Pyke in exchange for an honest review

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Backlash Dont #4Tly how to Backlash Dont PDFEPUBmanipulate everyone in Gray’s life To help negotiate this delicate situation Gray contacts Trace and his ex Diadem Dom Gabriel Hunter But the Gray seems to regain control the clearer it becomes that there’s something not uite right about Jan Richards Jan uickly unravels taking Jack and Gray with hi. You with me stunner Always Gray He’s been my favorite from the very beginning I was so excited to see we were getting a book from his POV It’s been a month since Jack was released from the hospital This book starts with everyone still trying to heal from the abduction and rape It seems Jack is coping better than Jan Gray is still trying to find the funder He’s determined and will do whatever it takes to protect what’s his Jack only thought he was a bastard Elena knew he was Now This book doesn’t have much in the way of sex There are a couple scenes but nothing like “Don’t” There is wonderful intimacy here while they are trying to be able to finally communicate what’s been in their hearts for a long time Sometimes poetic other times not so much You said you needed me to trust you mukkamostly because you were lost in an apology for already holding me when I wasn’t there for saying you’d loved me when I wasn’t there to hear it Somewhere along the line I fell in love with you you asshole Trace Gabe and Dare come to England to assist I was glad to see them but honestly besides Gabe I didn’t feel like their characters did much Ed the butler grandfather is still here giving Jack the business Manners Please teach Jack some where it doesn’t involve any morphological inventiveness surrounding the words ‘fuck’ and ‘you’ The story was very involved There were several names and events I found myself going back to previous books to refresh my memoryThis was a great addition to the series although “Don’t” is still my favorite I am excited to see what happens next What happenedit happened to your mindto your body too So Jackhe's saying he's doing just fine now that he's giving you your time to healYou're welcome Mart ARC courtesy of author in exchange for an honest review

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FREE READ ´ Backlash Dont #4 ↠ ❮Download❯ ➺ Backlash Dont #4 Author Jack L. Pyke – Novel 126000 wordsGenres Thriller Gay Romance BDSMIn the aftermath of Jack Harrison’s release from the psychiatric unit Gray Raoul’s first instinct is to take brutal revenge on the one responsible Novel wordsGenreM and bringing out one particularly deadly player Gray’s left with one last defence break Jack down in order to partner up with his alter ego Martin But once freed Martin has plans of his own and he wants to make it personal with Gray Complete trust between Master and sub between Gray and Jack will be tested to the absolute limit M. A review by The Blogger GirlsYou absolutely have to read this series from the beginning If you’ve made it this far you’ve been yearning for this installment for as long as the rest of us Don’t addicts This is Master Gray’s book or told from his POV These guys have been through hell and back than once and time hasn’t uite healed any of them yet They continue to struggle with everything that has happened and shaped their current relationship I have no idea how to put into words how much I love this series Just as the Master Subs and other characters’ minds are manipulated in both good and evil ways so too was mine That is one of the things I love most about this series It is so in depth and complicated yet easy mostly to follow It made me catch my breath over and over and for a book to grab my emotions in such a way makes it a clear winner in my bookJust as with the previous installments we see the guys trying to cope each in their own way while trying to help the others While they all play extremely important roles in this relationship Gray has always remained the center of this triad for me He is the Master after all I don’t believe I have ever come across such complex characters in all my reading We learn than we ever have about Gray’s past and what makes him tick but I truly don’t believe we will ever fully understand every layer of him Over the course of these stories Gray’s motives may have seemed somewhat uestionable but I never once doubted his level of care and devotion to Jack and even Jan for that matterJack is a close second in my favorite character lineup He is complex in such different ways than Gray and I love every one of them Dare I say I even love Martin He is my favorite “evil” character hands down It seems as though the guys have found a way to sort of contain Martin but it remains a fine line When it is Martin who has the information needed they must all go back on everything they’ve done up to this point in keeping him out of the picture and bring him front and center It is through Martin that we learn even about Gray and I love how Gray handles the two JackMartin Gray really is a remarkable individual and I fell even in love with him in this segmentJan is my least favorite but I concede he is a much needed partner in this group He is the one who filled the gaps left by Gray which is exactly what Jack needed He is the soft to Gray’s hard I honestly kept waiting for the time when he would just give up on Jack and Gray and walk away He isn’t of their world and it shows than once but he is stronger than he appears especially after all he’s been through I definitely garnered new respect for Jan for not giving up I am not usually one for nicknames or overused terms of endearment in my stories Never before have I actually longed for them as I do with this story Every time Gray call Jack “stunner” I got a little choked up The same went for Jack calling Gray “mukkah” or “old mukkah” Heck even Martin calling Gray “Welsh” got to me and brought so many feelings back Ms Pyke writes with such intensity that I find myself overwhelmed by it at times in a good way I held my breath so many times and just when I would catch it it would happen all over again I was so excited to learn there is another book coming in this series after thinking this was the last one These poor guys need a break but I’m really glad they’ll be back I tried to read slowly and savor it really I did but it was so hard to do I have to give a mention about the additional characters here Poor straight Craig truly needs a raise because whatever the MC is paying him it cannot possibly be enough to justify all that he does for these guys He is always there providing whatever care is needed no matter what that entails and it usually entails uite a lot He was one of my favorite characters from Jack’s time at the ward and he remains so now It was also great to see Lynn Kelling’s characters from the Society of Masters joining the guys when they were needed I immediately went on to read their stories after this to learn about them and their connection to the MC and the trio as well I definitely recommend you check them outSo this book and the entire series continues to hold the spot at the tippy top of my all time favorite list If you love things on the darker side love watching your characters go through hell and fight their way back love highly emotional and gut wrenching stories you should move this series right to the top of your list If I could give it than 5 stars I would not hesitate to do so