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The Why Café review Ü 104 ß ❰Reading❯ ➸ The Why Café Author John P. Strelecky – The inspirational #1 Bestseller by John P Strelecky Now translated into forty two languages and read by than 6 million readers worldwide In a small cafe at a location so remote it sits in the middle o The inspirational Ive suites of the advertising world to the surf of Hawaii's coastline Along the way he discovers a new way to look at life himself and just how much you can learn from a green sea turtle The Alchemist for the st Century RBA Libros Spain PROFOUNDA cosmic guidebook for living Orlando Sentinel A modern day Jonathan Livingston Seagull Little Brown Books. Horrible Worst of all the author is taking this seriously Awfully written and the content itself is the worst esoteric and pseudo personality coaching stuff around The only way to read this book is together with friends and passing the book round to read it aloud You will certainly have a great laugh

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Irely different kind In addition to the specials of the day the cafe menu lists The Why Epubthree uestions all diners are encourage to consider Why are you here Do you fear death Are you fulfilled With this food for thought and the guidance of three people he meets at the cafe John embarks on a journey of self discovery that takes him from the execut. My review It is hard to ignore how insulting this book isIt takes advantage of a political climate that thinks we must be told what our morals are going to beIt says nothing anyone with a moral compass and a brain hasn't figured out for themselvesThe idea that someone would find this book enlightening is frightening than the thought that someone would find The Five People You Meet in Heaven refreshingly insightfulThe writing is below sub parHere is all you need to prove what a waste of time this book is You know those unbearable and laughable re training films most corporate offices reuire folks to watch every few years that go over moral dilemmas and have titles like Harassment in the Workplace It's No Laughing Matter or Bribes The Buck Stops Here etc This book is like reading a screenplay for one of those The one that was made in 1950 and had to be produced for under 100 and use all the CEO's family members as actors It is not even good enough to be as bad as those old 1970's after school specialsTrust me on this one your purpose for existing does NOT include reading this book although interestingly enough mine does

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The Why CaféThe inspirational Bestseller by John P Strelecky Now translated into forty two languages and read by than million readers worldwide In a small cafe at a location so remote it sits in the middle of the middle of nowhere John a man in a hurry is at a crossroads Intent only on refueling before moving along on his road trip he finds sustenance of an ent. Offensive rant incomingFuck everything about this book Over 100 pages of just do what you love and everything will work out just be yourself bro NO FUCK YOU THAT IS NOT HOW IT WORKSThis book is thinly veiled New Thought Law of Attraction esoteric feel good wish wash which at least explains why so many people like it Spoiler many people are kind of stupidThis book is your college stoner roommate telling you that advertising just like totally makes you unhappy and plays on your fears man just to get you to buy stuff man ever think about it like that man so deep manThis book is your teenage rebel punk kid that just hit puberty and is trying to explain to you how all grown ups do is work and sleep until they get old and die and there is absolutely nothing worse than working for a livingThis book is a trust fund baby telling you to just uit your job and go backpacking through EuropeThis book is Brad Pitt telling you to just be yourself if you want to be attractive because it obviously works for himThis book is assholes in the comment section of articles about mental health telling clinically depressed people to just man up and get over itThis book is the one guy you kinda knew in High School and now have in your Facebook list for whatever reason posting inspirational uotes self affirming rants selfies in ill fitting suits and huge excerpts about his business plans on a bi hourly scheduleThis book is like Paulo Coelho's literary works had an orgy with every spiritual health pop science bullshit blog on the internet and somebody took the afterbirth of the resulting miscarriage and translated it in 33 languages just to fuck with the worldThis book reads like it was written by one of those creepy life coach gurus preying on unhappy and unstable personalities and trying to sell 10 easy tricks on how to have AWESOME SEX and A BETTER LOVE LIFE and oh wait it actually was written by exactly one of those guysThis book personally offends me on a deep level Fuck youAnd if you found anything in this book even just slightly enlightening you make me both ashamed and scared of being human