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Faust Eine Tragödie Characters Þ 7 È ✅ [PDF / Epub] ☉ Faust Eine Tragödie By Johann Wolfgang von Goethe ⚣ – Horticulturetrader.co.uk Wielki uczony wciąż spragniony wiedzy o sensie istnienia zawiera pakt z diabłem Chce absolutnego poznania i doskonałego szczęścia jeśli zazna chwili o której powie „trwaj jesteśSprawdzić wiarę Fausta pozwolił mu sam BógFaust to dzieło życia Goethego dramat o możliwościach ludzkiego poznania i sensie istnienia świata. Faust is probably the most world known German poetry and translated in different languages but can poetry be translated in a different language without loosing it‘s character and purposePer definition poetry is literature that evokes a concentrated imaginative awareness of experience or a specific emotional response through language chosen and arranged for its meaning sound and rhythm I had a look at a englisch translation and depending on the translator the writing still might have some rhythm sound and meaning to it but you are not reading FaustPassages and words are translated incorrectly in order to create a sound that doesn‘t resemble Goethe at all but still offers a rhythm to the reader that flatters their own language It‘s the translators original work The characters motives expressions and even the content of the story differ from what Goethe intended to express It misses depth it misses purpose it misses meaning I don‘t mean that as an accuse but enlightenmentI admire Goethe for his langue it‘s what characterizes his abilities it‘s the core and meaning of his expression His words are chosen wisely carefully picked thought about for several years before he finished they can‘t be replaced In honor of his work I therefore suggest to not read it in anything but German or you‘re missing out on Faust in one way or another Every language has their great poets it‘s their home it‘s where they belong

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Wielki uczony wciąż spragniony wiedzy o sensie istnienia zawiera pakt z diabłem Chce absolutnego poznania i doskonałego szczęścia jeśli zazna. I reread Faust yesterday and it left me wondering pondering again as so oftenWhy don't we talk about Gretchen And I mean Gretchen as a subject not as a toy to be used by Faust and Mephistopheles in their joint midlife crisis distractive gameWhy don't we talk about the amazing achievements of the modern world in which a brother like Valentin wouldn't get to call his sister a whore for having a lover Why don't we talk about the bliss of choice Gretchen today could have her dark affair with a middle aged charismatic narcissist and then raise a child on her own She doesn't have to die or marry to become Dorothy to Casauban or Effi to Innstetten either Let us celebrate the end of Gretchen's life as a social evil and the beginning of Gretchen as a sexual being without guilt shame and doom The world will never be free from Faustian egomaniacs but they may face women who speak up and expect than Gretchen ever could for herself Gretchen lived too early too much Just some thoughts on reading Faust yet againThis is not a review More a continued discussion with myself on a play that keeps challenging me since high schoolI cannot attempt to write a review of Goethe's Faust It is a much too personal experience growing with each time I reread it Since high school I have been thinking at least five times This is the perfect Goethe moment his work is written for ME NOW it can't get any better deeper or any satisfyingWell apparently it can After maybe three or four years I picked up Faust again and found that I had finally grown up enough to identify with his most famous uote the one I had reverently learned by heart as a studentBanging my head against the wall today while marking papers trying to figure out how to explain the developments in the world to my own children and the adolescents I am in charge of I looked up and literally felt Mephisto's presence in the room Unable to get rid of the feeling I looked at my shelf with my all time favourites picked up my Faust with its almost broken spine and opened it to read my own life the struggle to find answers the longing for knowledge and understanding the futile hope that my teaching will make a difference and the creepy scary thought that it might all be meaningless because the majority of our planet is sold body and soul to devilish shallowness and indifference It almost sets my heart burning Now here I am a fool for sureNo wiser than I was beforeMaster Doctor’s what they call me And I’ve been ten years alreadyCrosswise arcing to and froLeading my students by the noseAnd see that we can know nothingIt almost sets my heart burningDa steh ich nun ich armer TorUnd bin so klug als wie zuvor;Heiße Magister heiße Doktor garUnd ziehe schon an die zehen JahrHerauf herab und uer und krummMeine Schüler an der Nase herum –Und sehe daß wir nichts wissen könnenDas will mir schier das Herz verbrennenAs hopeless as the message and the rest of the Faust plot is it gave me solace to share this moment yet again with the master of masters GoetheNow here I am a fool for sure

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Faust Eine TragödieChwili o której powie „trwaj jesteś piękna” szatan będzie mógł wziąć jego duszę do piekła Mefistofeles ochoczo zgadza się na to wszak. Preface NotesChronologyIntroductionTranslator's NoteThe Writing of 'Faust'Further Reading Faust Part I Notes