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The Lying GameNachricht dass ihre Schwester tot ist – und sie ihre Rolle übernehmen soll Der Beginn eines gefährlichen Lügen Spiels Aus Emma wird Sutton um herauszufinden was wirklich geschehen ist Dabei übernimmt sie. Ok let me start by saying that I'm 21 years old and I started reading this series because I love the show Pretty Little LiarsCover The cover is cute with the black background and the accents of pink However the images of the girls are uite juvenile which should have been a hint that the book was most likely made for a younger age groupCharacters I felt that the characters were introduced oddly Names were just thrown around without any indication of who they were I have a hard time keeping straight who was who Thayer Emma no Laurel It was hard to follow Also the characters were very one dimensional They were flat and often uite boringI really disliked the back and forth between Emma and Sutton Why was Sutton still there She brought nothing to the tableSuspense The book had its suspenseful parts my favorite was when Emma got strangled but not enough for me I expected the book to have me on the edge of my seat like PLL but that didn't happen much except for the ending Classic who dun it with a twistLength The book was a very easy read I could have finished in two days but boredom overtook me The book would have be fine with the EpilogueRating I give this book 35 stars for an interesting premise and great cliff hangerWill I read the next book in this series Maybe Definitely if I find it on sale I'm dying to find out what happened to Sutton

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The Lying Game Read Ë PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ↠ [KINDLE] ❀ The Lying Game By Sara Shepard – Kurz vor ihrem 18 Geburtstag macht Emma via Facebook eine überraschende Entdeckung Sie hat eine eineiige Zwillingsschwester Doch noch bevor sie Sutton treffen kann erhältNicht nur Suttons Leben als makelloses Upperclass Girl die teuflischen Glamour Freundinnen und Boyfriend Garret – sondern gerät auch in tödliche Gefahr Denn nur der Mörder weiß dass Emma nicht Sutton is. Even if this is only half as good as the Pretty Little Liars books were it’s going to be amazing I can’t wait to read this when it comes out

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Kurz vor ihremGeburtstag macht Emma via Facebook eine überraschende Entdeckung Sie hat eine eineiige Zwillingsschwester Doch noch bevor sie Sutton treffen The Lying ePUB #231 kann erhält sie die mysteriöse. I had high hopes for this one I was in the mood for a fun guilty pleasure a kind of Veronica Mars meets Gossip Girl Being a twin myself though not an identical one I love a good twin switch mystery I was prepared to accept a little stupidity a few plot holes for the sake of a fun soap operaBut The Lying Game disappointed me even by my fairly low standards It just felt so cheap All the characters were flat clichés not in itself a bad thing sure we've all seen the dumb jock or the sensitive male poet before but as long as there are a few good uips or some genuine emotion I can't say stereotyping bothers me too much But in The Lying Game there was nothing but these paper thin characters and a paper thin plot Honestly I should have known not to read this when saw that Shepard had THREE MORE BOOKS already planned in this one series Seriously from what I've seen this could have been one book Maybe two You know those tenfifteen minutes at the start of Law Order episodes where the detective characters spend a few scenes running around after red herrings until we get into the real meat of the plot THAT was the entire plot of The Lying Game The entire plot was one long red herring Now red herrings are a staple of the mystery genre I could have coped with it if there was some emotional core here And call me optimistic but I thought this plot came with one built in Sure the idea of a magic long lost twin sister who just happens to track you down on the day you're murdered is totally ridiculous But I was willing to be forgiving because it seemed like there was so much potential conflict built in here The epigraph we must be careful about who we pretend to be because we are who we pretend to be got my hopes up even further Emma the long lost twin was a foster kid who'd got the rough end of the deal her whole life; Sutton the murder victim was an entitled bitch who had the luck to get adopted by a rich coddling family Class conflict Identity crisis I thought it was all here But Shepard managed to suck all the life out of this interesting plot with totally bland vanilla characters sapped of any kind of emotion briefly sketched Nothing should be too interesting or complex in The Lying GameAnd the plot holesdear GOD the plot holes For such a serial nitpicker I'm actually not good with plot holes I know They almost always slide under my radar if they're papered up with good enough writing And to be honest I'm somewhat willing to excuse them for the sake of the story eg New Girl But all of the plot holes in The Lying Game of which there were many made me grind my teeth with frustration I understand that there's a difference between characters making stupid decision and plot holes but exhibit A Emma foster kid has just or less fell into Sutton's life She's decided that she can't imitate her dead twin sister and she's determined to go to the police to get it straightened out Only the video of Sutton's death has been deleted from the Net and it turns out Sutton has a bit of a reputation for lying to the police Whenever Emma tries to explain the whole long lost twin thing people laugh at her assuming it's another of Sutton's ridiculous jokes ButEmma has a life of her own Why doesn't Emma call her best friend Alex to vouch for her or her ex foster mother Why doesn't Emma ever show anyone in Sutton's family her Emma's Facebook page And the most annoying thing is that this could have been easily covered up I know that a lot of people don't like it when in reviews reviewers say that it would have been much better if X had happened because the primary job of a reviewer is to write about what is actually in front of them But TLG is full of ridiculous moments and plot holes that had me going why doesn't Emmas just BUT they could have easily been avoided Why doesn't Emma try harder to show them that she's not Sutton Well maybe she wants to be Sutton Why was Sutton adopted and Emma wasn't Why doesn't Emma have any memories of Sutton Was Sutton adopted when she was a baby Why would Becky have Sutton adopted as a baby but not Emma The list goes on and on Nothing can be too complex or interesting in Shepard's simplistic bland world There's no edge no reason to care Emma's emotions are simple and written down just like Emma was nervous Emma was happy Emma felt a twinge of guilt All writers do this to an extent but there was just no involvement with our protaganist There's the sensitive male poet and the dumb jock like I mentioned but there's absolutely no chemistry or life infused within them There's also the jealous little sister who's desperate to have her older sister's life Well maybe she killed her so that she could have it Ughnot only are the characters totally unoriginal so is the plotline Everything you've seen here you've seen a million times before And done better too The most annoying thing about TLG is the perspective it's told in Sutton is dead and narrates in a kind of beyond the grave first person voiceover though God knows why because she can't remember ANYTHING about her old life except the occasional flash Emma on the other hand is told totally in third person almost as if Sutton was watching her except not because if Sutton was watching her why would she be able to hear what Emma is thinking There's no hint of that story of twins being psychic There are no chapter breaks or even line breaks The story jerks backwards and forwards from Sutton's first person whining about how she can't remember anything and she wishes she could which is all very very convenient to Emma third personly wandering around trying to make sense of Sutton's life This 'dual POV' thing just felt totally totally cheap and lazy It's almost as if Shepard couldn't be bothered planning this book properly and whenever she realised that she had to communicate A BIG REVELATION to her audience she didn't bother getting Emma to do any kind of detective work which y'know she's supposed to be doing Instead she just flip flopped back to Sutton and got Sutton to show us through one of her very convenient 'flashes' of her past lifeEveryone is annoying nobody is interesting and no I won't be coming back for Book 2 The most frustrating thing about this book is how goddamn lazy it is Listen up YA writers Don't bother treating your readers as if they have any scrap of intelligence Just s p e l l everything out for them stick to your clichés and sap every hint of lifeoriginality out of everything That will get you a bestselling series