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Free read Mounted by a Monster

Free read Mounted by a Monster ñ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ´ ✮ [PDF] ✩ Mounted by a Monster By Mina Shay ✻ – Janey’s had a monster under her bed for as long as she can remember Originally the creature terrified her however Janey’s found a uniue way to soothe the monstAnother way to pacify the monster before it succumbs to a deadly rage This erotic short story is about words. As odd as this premise was the story wasn't that bad I found a couple of grammatical errors but nothing major The writing flowed pretty nicely and for a short story it kept my attention pretty well There was no vulgar language and for the most part this story was somewhat wholesome There were no weird kinks which I appreciated Never thought I would read an erotica story involving monsters but there you go I do recommend this one and I am willing to try something else by this author

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Owever Janey’s found a uniue way to soothe the monster Except this time its not working She’s got to find. I am ashamed to say I read this I have no idea what it wasCHAPERBOOK IT WAS ONLY 10 pagesIt was free here guys and a friend had review it I thought it I need something silly or just plain crazy this would be itBoy was I wrongAfter an emotional changed read it was perfect kind of ridiculous The story is basically this girl has monster and he gets mad if girl is upset so she finds ways to calm him Janey reached through the mass of hair at the monster’s groin searching with her hands She knew its cock was buried in here somewhere She’d held it before It was the only way to soothe the monsterThe hero is a monter she named Rick is described as There was a big scary hairy monster that lived under her bed It had beady yellow eyes and big sharp claws Everything else was a big mass of fur His arms hung down nearly to the floorSo just your average Monstermage That's it The story is a girl monster encounter in a few short pages No real value but fun to read maybe once Personally I found the story just average and their sexual encounter just meh

Free read ☆ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ☆ Mina Shay

Mounted by a MonsterJaney’s had a monster under her bed for as long as she can remember Originally the creature terrified her h. Well this one was better than Mounted by a Monster Werepuffer The main character Janey starts out as a little girl with a monster under her bed She names him RickShe grows up and the monster stays with her even moving out when she does But always living under the bed She vents to it and tells it about mean people and the monster goes and beats them up Well one day she tries to tell the monster he can't always go beating people up just because they are mean to her The monster gets angrier and angrier until one day Janey somehow wink wink figures out a way to calm Rick down Hand jobs Aaaaand then things eventually progress to full on monster sex The EndI think this one had potential but it needs humor I think with these uickie shorts humor is the key Plus the sex scenes needs to be pretty dang good Something was missing but hey it was free and an okay readOriginal postOh yes this is happening Buddy read with I shouldn't even have to say it any it's a no brainer the MacHalo groupDon't be afraid of the monsters under your bed