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FREE DOWNLOAD ↠ Passage West ã ❰Reading❯ ➿ Passage West Author Ruth Ryan Langan – ON A WAGON TRAIN HEADING WEST LOVE COULD BE AS FIERCE AS THE LAND AND AS UNKNOWNAt seventeen Abby Market left the only home she'd ever known Missouri in a covered wagon bound for California With her s ON A WAGON TRAINEa man who roused the unspoken yearnings of her passionate soulRourke was a battle scarred Union veteran hired to guard the wagon train A loner by choice and by fate his heart was moved by Abby's plight though the young beauty proudly refused his aid Yet with the wagons rolling on through dusty plains and treacherous deserts a tenderness bloomed between them as he taught he. I liked the story of the wagon train and the characters However I do not appreciate cursing

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R how to survive in a brutal land Mile by mile she grew to adore this magnificent man and when he touched her she longed to be his alone But as she tasted rapture's first wild depths she faced a bitter secret from the gunman's violent past With Rourke in mortal danger they would challenge destiny itself to save the love and happiness they discovered on a perilousPassage Wes. Wagon train to CaliforniaBut the story is far than a glossy tale Hatred that is fed and festers until the hater is beyond rational thinkingMental illnessSicknessIndiansLove At times this story simply MADE you keep flipping that pageBe aware This is not a fluffy tale It's gritty HardBelow could be considered spoilers by some but are the reasons I couldn't give it a 5 star rating1 I'm sure every wagon train carried booze but would a wagon master allow a man to get drunk every night Night after night Especially if the manmen were cruel to their animals and children Wouldn't others on the train demand that the drunkard do his share 2 it seemed that the wagon master who supposedly had done this before often did not know what to do when things were getting out of control He was a kind man and could make decisions He could and did lead but when he should have put his foot down and stopped bad behavior that could only grow worsewhen his leadership was needed the most he didn't lead


Passage WestON A WAGON TRAIN HEADING WEST LOVE COULD BE AS FIERCE AS THE LAND AND AS UNKNOWNAt seventeen Abby Market left the only home she'd ever known Missouri in a covered wagon bound for California With her sister and hard drinking father in tow she needed all her strength for the long trek westward But Abby could hold her own with any man until she met a rugged gunman named Rourk. DNF at 75%It was just too repetitive and monotonous I had high hopes for this tale of broken down survivors of the US Civil War grasping at a chance to find a new Shangri La in California And so they undertake the arduous trek westward in covered wagons through the Oregon trail fighting both internal and outside threats river crossings dust storms cholera Native warriors unscrupulous predators amongst their midst and the depression that soon turns to madness paranoia and hysteria that overtake even the most level headed members of their party And of course there is the slow burn between Union Vet Rourke and plucky Abby Market the woman who can handle reins or rifles like she was born to itSounds exciting uh It wasn'tI lost track of the number of river crossings Of all the dust and grime Of all the hunting skinning and cooking Of all the jugs of whiskey being drunk how did they have enough room in those wagons for what seemed like a small country's entire annual production of whiskeyI lost count of all the stare contests between H and h Of all the times H ogled h's womanly curves even hidden under layers of oversized male clothing that reeked of horse and sweat Of all the stolen moments where he would kiss and feel her up only to be interrupted at the crucial moment Of all the destructive self righteous Mary Suesaintly martyr actions of the h that constantly put her life and those of the entire wagon party in dangerI finally drew the line three uarters in when it seemed that the reader was being set up for yet another attempted sexual assault on the h that H would inevitably rescue her from A GainI am a sucker for historical western romances but this did not work for me at all