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Ruthless Greek Boss Secretary Mistress Review ò 2 ☆ [EPUB] ✿ Ruthless Greek Boss Secretary Mistress ❄ Abby Green – Three Weeks in the Boss’s BedLucy Proctor watches the women who come and go in Aristotle Levakis’ life She has no desire to join them despite Ari’s devastating good lHem despite Ari’s devastating good looks and is perfectly content as his assistant – or so she tries to convince herselfAri shouldn’t find his prim and pl. I hated this hero I don't care if his stepmother hit him when he was five he was a sexual harasser in the workplace and a PIG who wouldn't take no for answer I don't see what the weak kneed heroine saw in him He was bad news from start to finish Here are three examplesHe went through women like socks and then when heroine wouldn't put out for him and tendered her resignation he threatened to sue her Later in the story when his half brother was attacking her he didn't take her side he was worried about his merger being compromised And finally he blackballed her from any other jobs when she uit his companyI won't go into detail at how he humiliated her at the jewelry store or how he threatened to out her famous mother's dementia to the press if she didn't jump at his command Can you tell I hated him She was an idiot to put up with him so long I didn't find this romantic in the least He was a good looking version of Harvey what his name #metoo guy shudder Two stars because I couldn't stop reading to see what piggy thing he was going to do next

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Ump secretary attractive but something about her calls to him He knows Ruthless Greek Epubthere is only one way to overcome this desire – and that is to sate. Well rarely do I try to make my husband participate in my Harleuin mania But I had to make an exception for this book The sexual harassment thing could not be suffered in silence and he had to share the ire with me That was pure D sexual harassment people The man needed some serious repercussions Of course he was the boss and owner of the company but surely it's illegal in England the same way it is in the US There must be an euivalent of the Civil Rights Act and the Eual Employment Agency Okay moving on It was very readable The heroine needed a much stronger backbone But the hero really takes the cake In addition to the harassment it takes him to within 20 pages or so of the end of the book to realize that he loves her and it might behoove him to treat her better

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Ruthless Greek Boss Secretary MistressThree Weeks in the Boss Secretary ePUB #9734 Boss’s BedLucy Proctor watches the women who come and go in Aristotle Levakis’ life She has no desire to join t. Lucy Proctor is plump wantonly voluptuous wears glasses and has a gap between her two front teeth She is FAR from the tall skinny blondes that her boss Aristotle usually goes for And yet ever since she started working for him as his EA Ari lets go of his current mistress far earlier than he had wanted And soon Little Ari can't seem to get it up for anyone EXCEPT Lucy He starts OBSESSING on Lucy's hourglass figure until it becomes almost a fetish Finally he can't take it any; he just HAS to have herAristotle is described as ruthless in the book and he certainly shows it While I wouldn't technically call his behavior Sexual Harrassment he does dance up to a line that at times border on uncomfortable for meI did however enjoy having a hero that was obsessed with a big girl for once Both Hh had emotional baggage and the way Green gave respect to each history the way Lucy stood up to Ari so that he wasn't always the one in control and the way Green showed Ari falling slowly in love almost against his will made this category romance my favorite from this talented ModernPresents authorNote altho not part of a series the couple from the author's earlier The Kouros Marriage Revenge makes a cameo in the book I think that was the only other Greek hero AG has done so far so of course they must know each otherTropes Zaftig heroine BossSecretaryGrade A