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Skinjob author Bruce McCaSOCIETY IS DIVIDED Silicon Valley has taken virtual sex to the extreme encouraging men to act out their darkest and most violent sexual fantasies Militant feminists and churches are bitterly opposed Powerful corporations battle for market control In the midst of a fierce p. Bruce McCabe joins a growing list of authors finding success from self publishing his novel I know I take a very cynical view on self published books; I tend to treat a publishing house as the filter to sift through the slush piles and pulling out the best it has to offer That isn’t to say there isn’t anything good coming from the self publishing world but in my experience the pimping of books and desperation makes it hard to find the ones I’d like to read My policy is to ignore the world of self publishing this probably isn’t the best way to go about it but it works for meEvery now and then a self published novel gets picked up by a publishing house; I’m thinking Hugh Howey Andy Weir and dare I say it EL James Bruce McCabe is the next self published author to enjoy similar success his debut novel Skinjob has been published by a Random House imprint Bantam Press In the not so distant future sexdolls or if you prefer sexbots will become a reality allowing and even encouraging people to act out their dark and disturbing sexual fantasies; this is the world of SkinjobI want to diverse from the story line of Skinjob for a moment to look at the theme McCabe is trying to explore The sex industry is often depicted as a dark and shady place and the invention of sexdolls is obviously going to be a difficult concept; the politics and ethical challenges are explored within the novel What I find problematic about the use of sexdolls is this idea that using a doll to live out a dark disturbing or violent fantasy isn’t going to be healthy I would be concerned with the psychological damage they could cause of themselves and others around them to assume the use of a sexdoll isn’t hurting others would be a naïve approach to the issue There is also a very ethical issue to consider; making sexdolls in all shapes and sizes seems indicates the very real possibility of childlike sex dollsI enjoy how Bruce McCabe takes a crack at the thriller genre using the tropes you expect from a novel like this to explore these ideas While looking at the growing sex industry I was most impressed with how McCabe allowed the thriller genre to work with him in this exploration I was interested in the approach he took by allowing militant religious and feminist groups blow up dollhouses an obvious nod to Joss Whedon full of sexdolls This approach meant we have a violent act where real people are not the target This allows the reader to explore all sides of the issue without forcing them to show unwanted sympathy The reader can then look at issue of sexual politics within the book and society The only thing that will get in the way of exploring the issue will come down to the readers and their preconceived notionsSkinjob is a very issue heavy novel if you want a straight thriller then this book is not for you In fact I was less interested in the plot and characters than I was the issues being explored All the characters felt very two dimensional and unmemorable even the plot could have used a lot work but I think this works in the books favour In the end I was left not really remembering much of the plot and people with the novel but I was still thinking about the themesSexual politics is a complicated and difficult subject; Bruce McCabe’s Skinjob did a great job exploring the topic While it doesn’t cover everything it will leave the reader pondering the issues; I’m very glad I picked up this book and hope it has as much of an impact on other readers as it did for me This is a debut novel and I can’t help but feel excited at what McCabe does next; I hope he continues to explore hard hitting themes in uniue and interesting waysThis review originally appeared on my blog;

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Rotest campaign a bomb goes off in San Francisco TWELVE ARE DEAD Daniel Madsen is one of a new breed of federal agents armed with a gun a badge and a handheld lie detector He’s a fast operator and his instructions are simple find the bomber before he strikes again A NIGH. Bruce McCabe was witness to lie detector technology in use in an insurance agency and he asked himself 'what if' The result was Skinjob he felt it important enough to get this book into the hands of the readers as uickly as possible so he self published He worked really hard to get it into bookshops the book then found its way from person to person ending up in the hands of J K Rowling's agent in England who emailed McCabe and asked to represent him it was then republished by Random House If he can keep up the momentum with books then I see another Dan Brown with millions of books sold as this book is really good I just think he's skirted some issuesA bomb goes off in downtown San Francisco Twelve people are dead But this is no ordinary target This target exists on the fault line where sex and money meetDaniel Madsen is one of a new breed of federal agents armed with a badge a gun and the Bureau's latest technological weapon He's a a fast operator and his instructions are simple find the bomber before he strikes againIn order to understand what is at stake Madsen must plunge into a sleazy unsettling world where reality and fantasy are indistinguishable exploitation is business as usual and the dead hand of corruption reaches all the way to the top There's too much money involved for this investigation to stay privateWhen I spoke to McCabe during one of our breaks he introduced his book to me telling me it was part Dan Brown I advised him that wasn't really a recommendation and hoped it was better than Brown as I hadn't enjoyed his book What I found is that it is definitely better unlike Brown I wasn't struggling to get through it I did find it strange that an Australian would be writing a book set in the US but they are a lot security conscious than we are and if you have a story to tell you need to tell it in the most appropriate locationThe skinjobs of the title are machines which look and almost completely work exactly like humans and are used for sex McCabe's hero talks to a woman who gives us the rundown about sex and howMen are being exposed to so much sex that their whole idea of what constitutes normal has been rewired They start escalating when they hit puberty and they don't stopThis conversation continues until Madsen brings out his lie detector machine when we get a brief examination of the issues behind lie detector technology These few pages six of them are the most in depth we get into these two issues there are examples of sex escalating and examples of lie detector technology in useor not in use as people who are allowed to refuse do but the whole 412 pages hangs around these six pages I felt it was a little long and could have been condensed but I feel that about many books aimed at AmericansSkinjob by Bruce McCabeSkinjob by Bruce McCabeSo what do I like about this bookIt wasn't a compulsive read for me but I certainly didn't struggle If I had to compare books I'd be looking towards John GrishamIt is well written and has some important issues we need to address as a societyI'm impressed that a new author could be so good so uickly I look forward to his next bookI love the way it was published and how an established agent thought it was good enough to sign up McCabe This gives hope to many new and upcoming authorsOriginally published on my blog ‎

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summary Skinjob author Bruce McCabe ↠ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF × ❰Read❯ ➵ Skinjob Author Bruce McCabe – SOCIETY IS DIVIDED Silicon Valley has taken virtual sex to the extreme encouraging men to act out their darkest and most violent sexual fantasies Militant feminTMARE AWAITS Madsen plunges headlong into a sleazy unsettling world where reality and fantasy are indistinguishable exploitation is business as usual and the web of corruption extends all the way to Washington only to discover the stakes are higher than he could ever imagi. Skinjobs are the latest thing in adult entertainment synthetic creations that flawlessly mimic humanity They are starting to replace their organic forebears in the world’s oldest profession When a “dollhouse” is destroyed in an act of terrorism a federal agent and a CCTV operator are drawn into a shadowy conspiracy Who is it that is trying to destroy the newest sector of America’s tech economyAgent Daniel Madsen lives his job He is at the forefront of a new type of policing and when an explosion rocks the centre of San Francisco he is called upon to capture the culprit and most importantly do it uickly He has less than one week to uncover the truth Skinjob is a race against time to stop a criminal before anyone else is hurt or killedOver the course of the week the impact of the investigation starts to take its toll on our protagonist He is working in a time sensitive environment and is pushed to the bounds of his limits repeatedly It’s interesting to see how his character copes Rather than falter Madsen does some of his best work and thrives in this environment The worse the situation becomes the determined it makes him to uncover the truth He knuckles down and focuses his intellect on each new issue he encountersThe science fiction elements of the novel are all pretty low key With the exception of the skinjobs themselves and the portable lie detector that Madsen uses almost everything else will be familiar The story unfolds in the year 2019 and that near future setting feels close enough that nothing is massively outlandish and all fits uite neatly with modern technologyWatching all the various factions in the business political and religious arenas attempting to deal with the aftermath of the bombing is where the narrative really captures the imagination All the politicos and power brokers grubbily trying to manipulate public opinion to their own ends all feels frighteningly realistic Ironically it seems that all these different groups look at the bombing with exactly the same reaction – What’s in this for me How can I turn this tragedy to my advantageIt becomes evident as the crime is investigated further that the situation is complex than at first glance Everything from national policy and organised religion to gender politics and sex are involved in one form or another Masden needs not only to capture a criminal but also to discover who he can and can’t trustMcCabe’s writing highlights the ever increasing impact of technology in every aspect of our daily lives When the authorities are monitoring every public place with closed circuit television cameras you have to start asking the uestion where will this surveillance end Some of the story elements in Skinjob strike particularly close to home How much right does a government have to track everything that the electorate does Only yesterday in the UK the government started to push through emergency legislation that ensures Internet service providers have to retain details of every person’s “communications data” whatever that rather grey sounding phrase means It sounds suspiciously like one step closer to Big Brother watching us all 247 to be honest It would appear Mr McCabe’s debut couldn’t have been topical if it tried It picks apart some very similar issues surrounding civil liberties and the nature of the people we chose to protect themThe story ends with the suggestion that Agent Madsen and some of the other characters may return again at some point in the future I certainly hope so as I rather enjoyed this novel Thematically sitting comfortably somewhere between Blade Runner and Minority Report McCabe’s debut is solidly entertaining fare There is plenty of action and the plot rattles along at a good old pace Skinjob is exactly the sort of book I like at this time of year something that is easy for me to get lost in The insights regarding our over reliance of technology also add a nice extra depth to the proceedings