Characters ´ Deathwish Broslin Creek #6 102

Characters Deathwish Broslin Creek #6

Characters ´ Deathwish Broslin Creek #6 102 ¹ [KINDLE] ❅ Deathwish Broslin Creek #6 ❥ Dana Marton – Officer Gabriella Maria Flores desperately needs a big win to save her career A case that proves that she has her act together something non controversial to make people forget the recent scandaPle forget the recent scandal she's been involved in Instead the murder she catches couldn't be high Deathwish Broslin PDFEPUB or profile the number one suspect her bo. I'm not sure how Dana Marton keeps the little town of Broslin so interesting but she does and Deathwish the sixth in the Broslin series is my favorite yetGabi is an officer on the Broslin PD biding her time and keeping her nose clean so she can go back to the big city after her career was derailed and reputation besmirched by her former partner and lover a cop on the take Hunter is a soldier coming home after years of military service in the middle east looking to start the next phase of his life back in his hometown with the small town sweetheart he plans to propose toSmalltown sweetheart is found murdered by Hunter on the night of his welcome home party She's literally dead in his apartment lying on his bed shot by his gun Since he is the police chief's younger brother and friends with the entire police force as well as being a hometown hero Gabi has to become the lead in the homicide investigation so there is no taint of impropriety since she is the only person on the force with no connection to the prime suspectSecrets are revealed twists and turns abound and several times I thought I had it figured out but was wrongGabi is a great female character she's tough she's smart she's fair funny and dedicated Hunter is a good guy one who thought he wanted to marry June Cleaver but finds himself than attracted to Gabi who can literally handle him or any manThe chemistry between these two is off the charts Like hot hot hot You are rooting for these two not just to solve the murder but to heal the dings they each have on their hearts and pysches left by wars in Afghanistan and on the mean streets of PhiladelphiaThis one grabs you from the get gonot just a suspenseful whodunit but a whoELSEdunnitI can't wait to visit Broslin again

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Ss's brother Means motive opportunity check And open and shut case if she's ever seen one But then instead of arresting the suspect why is she falling in love with him. A must read for anyone who enjoys a good romantic suspense Deathwish is the 6th book in the Broslin Creek series This story introduces us to Hunter who has just returned home from Military duty and Sophie who is a new employee of the Broslin PD This book was full of suspense and action from the very first page until the ending I was kept on the edge of my seat throughout the story Just as I thought I knew who the killer was I was pleasantly surprised to find out I was wrong – and it was great Both primary characters had realistic strong and humorous personalities I think Dana Marton’s books are just as enjoyable to read as Nora Roberts romantic suspense books and I look forward to all future books that Dana writes She just gets better and better with each book I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

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Deathwish Broslin Creek #6Officer Gabriella Maria Flores desperately needs a big win to save her career A case that proves that she has her act together something non controversial to make peo. Deathwish is a story about two people who find each other in circumstances that would normally not be conducive to a relationship The plot has wonderful character development as well as romance suspense and mystery I love how well Dana Marton balances the plot with the romance aspect of the book I have to admit at first the book felt a little dry That feeling didn't last long and now knowing the plot and the characters I understand that the flatness of the first few chapters gave Gabi's character room to develop And boy do I love her development As the book goes on she shows vulnerability humor and strength Hunter brings out the best in her and she in him There is a change in Gabi’s outward demeanor and in her understanding of the world as well as Hunter’s understanding of himself that makes the growing relationship between Gabi and Hunter feel organic and natural I loved that although the characters may have had certain transformative aspects they still remained true to themselves Five stars for a wonderful and engaging suspenseful romance