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Gods and GeneralsSated for shortcomings and failures when put to the Gods and MOBI #10003 test The perspectives of the four men particularly concerning the battles at Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville make vivid the realities of war. This book could be considered the preuel to THE KILLER ANGELS reviewed separately written by Mr Shaara’s father This book takes a uniue perspective leading up to the Civil War introducing us to the notable historical figures in that confrontation Mr Shaara shares with the reader through excellent characterization and dialogue why the Civil war was so important to these men The author manages to bring to life the years leading up to the Civil War Seemingly historically accurate this book answered many of my uestions about why this battle even happened Obviously the dialogue and innermost thoughts expressed by the “characters” in this book are speculation but the book did serve it’s purpose for me It did answer any uestions in my mind in a colorful non textbook wayAlthough as mentioned I generally shy away from “war” books I do enjoy historical fiction and in my opinion this was historical fiction at its best

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Tures the disillusionment of both Lee and Hancock early in their careers Lee's conflict with loyalty Jackson's overwhelming Christian ethic and Chamberlain's total lack of experience while illustrating how each compen. I'm going to uote the words of Jason Mraz and say I won't give up on us God knows I'm tough enough We've got a lot to learn God knows we're worth itWell it turns out I'm not tough enough and this book wasn't worth it Oh and I'm totally giving up on us Rating 275 stars This book is the story of 4 generals or maybe I seriously don't know and what they went through during the Civil warSeems exciting enough The problem is I don't read historical fiction but this book was so cheap I just couldn't help myselfThis book was like a map and I'm horrible with directions Also I'm not American so I didn't know half of the places the author was talking about Why 275 starsThe goodThe writing was pretty greatI liked some of the characters and understood their decisions regarding which side they supported North or SouthThe character's stories background and difference in faith was enjoyable to read aboutThe badDescription description and did I mention the descriptionI liked the characters but I didn't LIKE the charactersWar startegies and politics So hard to understandSlow PACEIf you like politics and historical fiction you will really like this bookMaybe when I'm wiser and older I will finish reading it and like it Probably not about being wiser and finishing the book

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Gods and Generals Characters æ 102 Ù ➹ [Read] ➵ Gods and Generals By Jeff Shaara ➼ – Horticulturetrader.co.uk In a preuel of sorts to his father Michael Shaara's 1974 epic novel The Killer Angels Jeff Shaara explores the lives of Generals Lee Hancock Jackson and Chamberlain as the pivotal Battle of Gettysburg In a preuIn a preuel of sorts to his father Michael Shaara's epic novel The Killer Angels Jeff Shaara explores the lives of Generals Lee Hancock Jackson and Chamberlain as the pivotal Battle of Gettysburg approaches Shaara cap. I love how Jeff Shaara writes It takes some getting used to yes but once you get used to itBrilliant Outstanding I especially love how he focuses on the army barely touches the political side of the war and when the political side is touched it's mostly negativeI'd never thought to deeply about the Civil war until this school year Now with this book coming to top off my school year I must say history is a whole lot complicated then I thoughtThe story begins in 1858 57 not sure which with some background information on the men the story focused on Robert E Lee Winfeild Scott Hancock Thomas J Stonewall Jackson and Joshua Lauwrence Chamberlain These four men and their experiences in the Civil War form the main story I knew most of the battle's outcomes due to reading Stonewall Jackson a portrait of a soldier right before reading Gods and Generals But all the same the masterful way Shaara wove the storyIt was amazing Actually though the thing that fascinated me the most was the Generals of the North A parade of men going through President Lincoln really didn't have much luck at all choosing a commander I lost track of how many generals had been in command and had to look it up I think by the Battle of Chancellorsville there'd been at least 4 different commanders I wish highschools would teach history like this Most of my friends hate social studies but I ADORE history Read this book One of the most wonderful books on the main Civil War battles I've read in a long time