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Nobody's Princess review ë 109 ☆ ❴KINDLE❵ ❁ Nobody's Princess Author Esther M. Friesner – She is beautiful she is a princess and Aphrodite is her favorite goddess but something in Helen of Sparta just itches for out of life Unlike her prissy sister Clytemnestra she takes no pleasure in wea She is bShe is beautiful she is a princess and Aphrodite is her favorite goddess but something in Helen of Sparta just itches for out of life Unlike her prissy sister Clytemnestra she takes no pleasure in weaving and embroidery And despite what her mother says she's not even close to being interested in getting married Instead she wants to do combat training with her older brot. Do you like heroines who are strong independent and self sufficient You may want to meet Helen She's not your average princess Sure her mother and father are king and ueen of Sparta And sure she may grow up to be Helen of Troy But Helen is a young firecracker of a character She is not going to stand around learning how to do needlework while her two brothers Castor and Polydeuces get to have all the fun of learning to ride and hunt She's not going to miss out on all the fun of learning how to use spears and swords Disguising herself as a boy she fools everyone but her brothers and their teacher Glaucus Fortunately for Helen he bought into her theory of how the future ueen of the country needs to be able to defend herself Now being an adventurer and hunter like her brothers isn't all fun and games Helen is learning it takes hard work sacrifice and a strong mind Some may call her pretty But Helen pays them no attention She wants one thing in life freedom to live HOW she chooses Beauty can be just as much of a hindrance as a help in that regards

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Hers go on heroic adventures and be free to do what she wants and find out who she isNot one to count on the gods or her looks to take care of her Helen sets out to get what she wants with steely determination and an attitude And while it's the attitude that makes Helen a few enemies such as the self proclaimed son of Poseidon Theseus it's what also intrigues charms and. I don't have a lot of thoughts on this one I really like Hellen a lot and enjoyed following her throughout the story I also loved a lot of the side characters and the characters were really what kept me going But the plot was kind of a mess It felt like we were jumping from one thing to another and they were barely connected I mean she was needing to escape a neighboring Kingdom because she thought she was going to be forced into a marriage then there was a wild boar hunt then another thing and another and another the plot kept changing and it was this build up to these big dramatic things and then they would be over in two seconds and it sort of felt like well then what was the point I mean it felt like there were a handful of different plots that this story could have focused on and spent the entire book centered around but for some reason the author tried to do them all And it felt really weird in pacing and all over the place I gave it three stars because the characters were great and the plot had a lot of potential but this really isn't something I'd recommend unfortunately

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Nobody's PrincessAmuses those who become her friends from the famed huntress Atalanta to the young priestess who is the Oracle of DelphiIn Nobody's Princess author Esther Friesner deftly weaves together history and myth as she takes a new look at the girl who will become Helen of Troy The resulting story offers up humor action and a fresh and engaging heroine you cannot help but root f. An historical novel about Helen of Sparta before she grew up and became Helen of Troy Sounded compelling to me Especially because Sparta is such a fascinating complex and often problematic cultureUnfortunately I got the impression from this book that it was written as a generic Western princess fairytale the publisher thought it was too bland and encouraged the author to put a Grecian gloss over the thing It's still generic and bland and at no point does it feel like it takes place in SpartaHelen is a spoiled brat who reads like a modern pre teen She spends most of the book whiningHelen's big thing is that she wants to train with her brothers doing physical exercise instead of sitting in the house spinning and weaving with her mother and sisters Later she meets an oh so unusual horsewoman and has to sneak around to learn to ride secretlyHere's in thing in Sparta spinning and weaving was done ONLY BY SLAVES No upper class Spartan woman did that sort of work let alone a princess And could we POSSIBLY call the garments worn by Spartan women 'chitons' not 'dresses' Speaking of clothing Spartan women freuently did not wear clothing when they were doing the strenuous exercise and physical training that ALL young Spartans male and female participated in A young Spartan woman would have had a time of it getting OUT of having to exercise not getting TO exercise Not only that but upper class Spartan women freuently rode horses bred horses and owned horses OK I don't mind having preconceptions challenged by a novel Perhaps the past wasn't like our concepts about it Open my horizons Challenge me But nothing about this book's setting felt 'Spartan' or even 'foreign' at all It was Ren Faire Medieval than anything I have no problem at all with stories that show young women struggling against the sexist expectations of their societyThe problem here though is that this ISN'T a Spartan society It's Our society with a pseudo Medieval pseudo Greek gloss on itThe end result was that I felt that this book ends up being the opposite of empowering because by showing a culture far removed from our own being sexist in so exactly the same ways as our own instead of showing that sexist stereotypes can be overcome and defeated it actually reinforces the message that these ideas about women are universal throughout the world and history and therefore are likely trueDon't get me wrong I don't demand that every book have an 'empowering' message But I felt like this one meant to and it backfiredThe reason I like to read historical novels is to feel like I have been transported into another culture another way of living another way of seeing the world Based on those criteria this book was a complete failureIt went to the top of my to read list because I saw the seuel at the discount store and I was wondering if I should buy it The answer is no