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Savage Beauty The Life of Edna St Vincent MillayThomas Hardy once said that America The Life PDF #10003 had two great attractions the skyscraper and the poetry of Edna St Savage Beauty PDFEPUB or Vincent Millay The most famous poet of the Jazz Age Millay captivated the nation She smoked in public took Beauty The Life Epub #219 many lovers. For your ears You can thank me laterI've decided that I like Edna St Vincent Millay as a person than as a poet I feel bad about that to a certain degree Because how would I know about her if not first for her poetry She gained popularity for her writing and her personal life was secondary sortaNancy Milford does a great job here of researching Vincent's life primarily through talking with Vincent's sister Norma who passed away in 1986 One note of serious annoyance Nowhere in the Acknowledgements does Milford thank Norma or the memory of Norma or make any reference whatsoever to Norma I'm a bit disgusted by that Milford likely wouldn't have gotten nearly as much personal information if it had not been for Norma Jeebus There were two large segments of bw photos from Vincent's life some from her years at Vassar some with her sisters later with one or two or three lovers later still with her husband outside their home Steepletop and even later looking rather sickly as she was The photos help bring Milford's writing to life and I enjoyed flipping through the photos as they came up in Milford's biographyVincent's life was clearly lived to her fullest She had no ualms with falling in lovelustbed with whomever showed her the slightest bit of attention These experiences are also detailed in Daniel Epstein's What Lips My Lips Have Kissed The Loves and Love Poems of Edna St Vincent Millay but are also written about in great detail in Milford's biographyHere's the main thing I've learned about Vincent she was a dependent and co dependent person She was from what I can tell never actually alone From the time her father left and she had to take care of her mother and two younger sisters to her studies at Vassar where she experiences for the first time the lubbins of another woman to her later years with her husband and a line of various men I think she actually lived and thrived because of the attentions lavished on her by just about everyone Normally I would hate this about her but while I'm not thrilled about it it sort of contributes to what I find so interesting about herShe's often compared to a modern Lord Byron that whole mad bad and dangerous to know thing which also defines Dylan McKay in Beverly Hills 90210 She wasn't heartless though She genuinely loved everyone she was with but often made poor choices; she was entirely too self centered and concerned only with making herself happy Train wreck that's what Millay was a freaking train wreck and I love every minute of learning about her lifeNot uite sure what this says about me But maybe someone can write a biography of me and delve into that issueShe was a lovely woman and for most of her years she was a hard worker something I will always appreciate and respect She wrote than just poetry so she wasn't just a one trick pony But I think her life got in her way in ways than one and she probably could have been even We'll never know but that's my impression

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DOWNLOAD ´ Savage Beauty The Life of Edna St Vincent Millay È ❰Epub❯ ❥ Savage Beauty The Life of Edna St Vincent Millay Author Nancy Milford – Thomas Hardy once said that America had two great attractions the skyscraper and the poetry of Edna St Vincent Millay The most fMen and women single and married flouted convention sensationally and became the embodiment of the New WomanThirty Beauty The Life of Edna Epubyears after her landmark biography of Zelda Fitzgerald Nancy Milford returns with an iconic portrait of this passionate fearless woman who obsessed. I haven't read a lot of biographies of writers but this year I read two and I think I've figured out what the biggest challenge is in documenting the life of a creative person Most of them don't leave behind much writing about their creative process As a result any biography of a writer is going to focus on what can be documented—their various relationships their travels the awards they've won bad behavior that others witnessed and never forgot This is all well and good—after all I think most people who read biographies are looking for this sort of detail about the subject's life and when it comes to creative process are content to let the work speak for itself The problem that arises though is that the subject can become divorced from her creative output to such an extent that when she's uoted saying something that displays her intellect and her sheer focus on her work it's almost jarring—you suddenly remember that Millay for example isn't just a woman with lots of lovers and an active social life she's also a poet In this particular case I think Nancy Milford also just didn't entirely understand Millay and as a result is not able to integrate her shall we say impetuous side with the obviously disciplined mind that created all those popular and praised works The other problem with biography is that when the subject has self destructive tendencies—as a fair amount of creative types do unfortunately—the whole thing just tends to end very badly devastatingly even I kind of wish I didn't know some of the things I now know about Edna St Vincent MillayBut I still wouldn't discourage anyone from reading this This book was a massive undertaking but it's very well put together and doesn't feel unwieldy at all Some Goodreads reviewers have complained that this is boring or not lascivious enough but I disagree on both counts This is a long book but fascinating entertaining and full of information The actual conversations Milford was able to have with Edna's sister Norma add a uniue perspective that no other portrait of Millay will ever achieve I'm sure others will try to document Millay's life but this book will be difficult if not impossible to surpass

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America even as she tormented herself Chosen by USA Today as one of the top ten books of the year Savage Beauty is a triumph in the art of biography Millay was an American original one of those rare characters like Sylvia Plath and Ernest Hemingway whose lives were even dramatic than their a. As a third grader I read every biography our school library held They were all library bound olive drab or dull blue stamped on the spine in white or black letters with a name and a subtitle My favorites were Benjamin Franklin and Helen Keller; from then on I wanted to get into publishing and Radcliffe College and the astronaut dream was jettisoned After I exhausted those two or three library shelves though I let the biographical form go and only a few have passed through my hands since then The only one that comes to mind is a disappointing biography of Salinger read in the hope that it might lay some new salvaged planks in the floor of my heart It did not The writer couldn't get his hands on the good stuff and spent most of the book recounting his frustrated research process It left me wanting my heart still tacky with the glue I'd laid down in anticipation but still I was reassured by Salinger's stubbornness This one is different Nancy Milford made friends with Norma Millay Edna's sister in the 1970s and convinced her to sign a contract allowing her unrestricted access to all of Edna's papers All of them Every draft of every letter every journal entry every working copy of every poem every telegram every photograph; the only things Norma seems to have held out of Milford's reach are a stack of nude photos Nancy even moved into Steepletop the house Edna and her husband shared while working on the book piecing together Edna's life and napping on the living room couch taking down Norma's injections of commentary sometimes with a grain of salt sometimes with a pound of it Vincent's is a dangerous life to write beautiful and vicious and full of longing and desperation; and full of unwavering dedication to poetry Inspiring Chastening Violently liberating Though I have to admit I skipped the second to last chapter I just couldn't bear to watch her demise the drug abuse the weakness Some things are better left alone; I had to avert my eyes Even so I can only hope that my own life and work will warrant a biographer as deft and searing as Nancy Milford Now back to that poem