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The Brooklyn Boys Club Summary í 8 Ý ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☉ The Brooklyn Boys Club Author Ellie Midwood – Born and raised in Bensonhurst Brooklyn Renzo has always been the craziest kid on the block always first to sink a boat to steal a car or to egg bombard an unlucky cop However as he grows up all his Ly mob associated neighborhood Now Renzo and his friends have to decide for themselves if they want to become a part of the “family” or create their own Brooklyn Boys “family” where the first rule is that there are no rules Impossible The Brooklyn PDF to put down The Brooklyn Boys Club is like a. Being a die hard fan of romance novels I have read a plethora of books where the hero is nothing less than The Perfect Gentleman He is kind caring sweet humble and loving But Ellie Midwood in her story 'The Brooklyn Boys Club' has us focusing on the exact opposite of The Perfect Gentleman Renzo is what you call an anti hero And he is best one there is Having been raised to fend for himself be tough be a protector of those lucky enough to be his friends and make a name for himself Renzo has grown up to be the one who loved taking life by the horns and driving it in whichever direction he sees fitMore often than not Renzo takes reckless and ruthless decisions where zero importance is given to the potentially dangerous outcomes He is the epitome of an adrenaline junkie Living the rush is his drug and he just wouldn't go without it Ellie has penned down an account of the thrilling life Renzo led She has done an absolutely marvelous job of using humor to guide her words The stories incidents and instances cracked me up despite there being blood involved Renzo shows you how to party Literally There are sexy girls brilliant music and gallons of liuor to keep his guests happy The Brooklyn Boys Club is a smooth and easy read and keeps you engaged till the very last page This is one book I will be popularizing as hard as I possibly can

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Born and raised in Bensonhurst Brooklyn Renzo has always been the craziest kid on the block always first to sink a boat to steal a car or to egg bombard an unlucky cop However as he grows up all his “stunts” fearlessness and great personality attracts the attention of underground rulers of the heavi. “The Brooklyn Boys Club” is the story of Renzo an Italian American growing up in Bensonhurst Renzo played a part in the organized crime community with hundreds of other young Italian men growing up in the neighborhood I enjoyed the way this story was told in a memoirbiographical format As Renzo spoke I could hear the Italian accent in my mind as I read the words Though this book is about a mobster it isn’t a gore filled crime fest Criminal activity is certainly a central theme but the story is told in such a way that Renzo and his cohorts are humanized and highly likeable and entertaining fellows Renzo’s path to becoming a lifetime member of the “Brooklyn Boys Cub” began at a young age Submerged in a community and subculture it was natural for him to gravitate towards organized crime However Renzo wasn’t the monster the media often portrays men such as him as being There are some real monsters mentioned in this book Sammy ”The Bull” Gravano is just one example Renzo was less of a killer and of a fun loving thrill seeking exceptionally intelligent manipulator and talented getaway driver Renzo is referenced in the book as “One of the toughest guys in Brooklyn with a cute boy’s face the perfect front man and professional bullshitter” I couldn’t help but laugh at his antics both fun hearted and criminal His bullshittery is irresistible and his life story is incredibly entertaining Well written well edited and highly recommended

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The Brooklyn Boys ClubRoller coaster ride that will open the Italian American side of New York City to you on a completely different level you will laugh out loud you’ll hold your breath and in the end you’ll fall in love with Renzo and his daredevils who laugh in the face of danger and never play it safe or by the rule. Ellie is excellent at diving into crazy stories about a Mob family and turning them into a page turner making your wonder what they will do next Renzo is learning the business and is always trying to better himself Whether it's taking boating classes to be recklessly safe or learning to to steal cars and outwit cops he takes his job very seriously The stories are just hilarious and his friends were just as wide eyed as me when it happenedSuper good and super fast read I love Ellie's style of writing and I can't wait to read of her books