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FREE DOWNLOAD ☆ The Truth Teller's Tale Safe Keepers #2 Î ✺ [BOOKS] ✮ The Truth Teller's Tale Safe Keepers #2 By Sharon Shinn ❄ – Innkeeper's daughters Adele and Eleda are mirror twins identical twins whose looks are reflections of each other's and their special talents arCt wealthy father is determined to marry her off to the prince When the girls are seventeen a handsome dancing master and his apprentice come to stay at the inn and thus begins a chain of romance mistaken identity and some very surprising truths and falsehoods. I thought this started off a bit slowly but by part two the action had kicked in and it kept going for the rest of the book I could really relate to Eleda because I too find secrets infuriating and often wanted to smack Adele even though I did understand why her role as a safe keeper was important and why Eleda still loved her she had her moments Nothing in this book came as a surprise I guessed that Adele had put the herbs in Eleda's food the minute she got sick suspected Alexander and Gregory of being the prince and Tobin from the second they arrived knew Adele had the hots for Micah and that he wasn't really dead when the ship sunk and so on and so on This made it a bit annoying in places; especially at the end when irritatingly mysterious Adele could've saved a lot of uproar by saying Alexander is the prince as soon as she entered the room where Roelynn's father was holding a knife to her throat Instead that whole scene was ridiculously drawn out to avoid making the 'revelation' as long as possible which I suppose would've been very suspenseful if I hadn't guessed it already But still Despite all this I found it a very enjoyable read so there you go I liked GregoryTobin and found his relationship with Eleda satisfying and realistic he was tired of the lies and intrigue of court life and just wanted to be with someone honest and real which she wasMy final gripe the cover was awful I couldn't get the picture of those two dishwater blondes with their namby pamby faces out of my head and it really spoilt my mental image of the girls


Sted with hearing and never revealing others' secrets Eleda is a Truth Teller who Truth Teller's Tale Safe Keepers PDF cannot tell a lie when asked a direct uestion The town of Merendon relies on the twins no one than their best friend Roelynn Karro whose stri. I love Sharon Shinn but I think she should stick to writing adult novels This is a solid story with amazing characters and a great setting but just like the first book in the series The Safe Keeper's Secret the ending was incredibly predictableThis book still gets a high rating because despite the predictability I did enjoy it very much I like the world Shinn has created with people being born with a gift that makes them tell the truth at all times or keep secrets However these uniue characteristics don't overshadow the narrative This is a story about two mirror twin girls and their friends growing up together finding themselves and figuring out what they want in life There are broken hearts disappointed dreams and many very happy touching momentsIf you enjoyed The Safe Keeper's Secret you will love The Truth Teller's Tale For those new to the series if you like romantic coming of age stories with a light fantasy backdrop you will love these booksAlso posted on Purple People Readers

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The Truth Teller's Tale Safe Keepers #2Innkeeper's daughters Adele and Eleda are mirror twins Teller's Tale PDF #9734 identical twins whose looks are reflections The Truth Epubof each other's and their special talents are like mirrors too Adele is a Safe Truth Teller's Tale Kindle #210 Keeper entru. The Truth Teller's Tale is a charming and for the most part sweet hearted YA fantasy somewhat light on the fantasy and a little heavy on the romance It's a coming of age tale about two young women Adele and Edela sisters who are mirror twins one is left handed and the other right handed; one has a blue left eye and green right eye the other opposite Even their names are a mirror of the other Most importantly Adele is a Safe Keeper charged with keeping secrets anyone may tell her; Eleda is a Truth Teller who is literally unable to tell a lie The nature and obligations of Safe Keepers and Truth Tellers underlie most of the plot of this book It's an interesting concept although I was never uite convinced that Safe Keepers and Truth Tellers would be as popular and useful to society as they seem to be in this world but I was able to roll with it Sharon Shinn writes very well and this novel does have some interesting things to say about the nature of truth and secrets and deception At times the plot takes a few steps in a darker direction there's a character who's a remorseless user of women There's also a father who physically threatens his daughter with a knife and semi strangulation and she blows it off afterwards with a comment along the lines of I know he wouldn't really do anything to me which was frustrating But ultimately this fantasy turns in a romance oriented direction juggling three different relationships That's fine if a little light fantasy romance is what you're looking for; just don't expect anything really deep The girls are 17 years old and the romances are kisses only although there are references to what happens behind closed doors in two or three spotsOverall I thought this was a fun light YA read While this is the second book in this series the only thing it has in common with the first book is that it's set in the same world so it works fine as a stand alone readContent advisory brief rape subplot not graphic