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REVIEW Û Hell House Ñ [EPUB] ✼ Hell House Author Richard Matheson – Passer une semaine dans une maison réputée hantée depuis trente ans telle est la mission confiée au dr Barrett et à une éuipe de spirites par un milliardaire mourant ui veut savoir si son âme l Passer une semaine dans une maison réputée hantée dePte ue le lieu est à la hauteur de sa réputation résonnant des crimes et des orgies u'elle a accueillis par le passé la maison Belasco semble les attendre Prête à posséder les audacieux ui oseront pénétrer en son se. I've been a Richard Matheson fan for a few years now and he rarely disappoints Hell House is no different A dying millionaire offers a physicist and two psychics a hundred thousand dollars apiece to spend a week in a haunted house to prove or disprove the existence of an afterlife Sounds simple enough rightTensions run high between the investigators Barrett thinks Florence's beliefs are crap and his scientific explanation is the only one Fischer doesn't seem to be doing much which also irks Barrett Barret's wife Edith has odd feelings for Florence What's caused by the spirits inhabiting the house and what isn'tThe first third of the book is mostly exposition Things don't really start picking up until halfway though but when they do Hell House is really hard to put down Matheson knows all about suspense and tension Just watch that episode of the Twilight Zone he wrote with the gremlin on the wing of the plane The attacks on the investigators by the spirit of inhabiting the Belasco house were fairly brutalThe ending was a tad on the anti climactic side once all was said and done Be that as it may I should have read this book much earlier Highly recommended for fans of the haunted house sub genre of horror


Passer une semaine dans une maison réputée hantée depuis trente ans telle est la mission confiée au dr Barrett et à une éuipe de spirites par un milliardaire mourant ui veut savoir si son âme lui survivra Mission ue l. For years I have been a fan of Richard Matheson without ever becoming a dedicated reader of his fiction I learned early that he was one of the two best writers not counting Rod Serling for Twilight Zone—the other being Charles Beaumont—and this led me to look out for his short stories and novels and read them when they came my way I particularly admired his chilling stories “Nightmare at 20000 ft” Twilight Zone Shatner menaced by gremlin on plane “Prey” featuring a doll called “He Who Kills” and the novels I am Legend and A Stir of Echoes the first a tale of apocalyptic terror and the second a contemporary suburban ghost story I also began to realize that Matheson was our finest writer of horror screenplays in the '60's the best of the Corman Poe series each of them different in tone an atmospheric Usher a Jacobean Pit and Pendulum a sweetly comic Raven and my two favorite Hammer films Die Die My Darling and The Devil Rides OutSo I was surprised to find that Hell House began to bore me about half way through and—although the compulsively readable prose kept me going—exhausted and dismayed me at its endPart of this is because of the kind of reader I am for I love terror but view horror with both interest and suspicion Terror is implicit a creation of metaphor and atmosphere; horror is explicit a product of detail and effect For me terror is the meal and horror is the salt and the spices Use horror certainly for it keeps terror from becoming tasteless but sprinkle it lightly or soon you will have an inedible concoction on your hands Also I believe that the short story is the most effective vehicle for terror because it compels the writer to concentrate on a single effect and use his horror judiciously The novel because of its length tends to do the oppositeMatheson is too good a craftsman to completely ruin his terror with horror but I think in Hell House he comes close The book begins well enough with an atmospheric investigation of the old house and an absorbing narrative of its history including the career of its owner the evil Emeric Belasco but then about a third of the way through poltergeist phenomena starts to occur Soon the sexual attacks begin first as tentative bitings and gropings much of it prurient inflicted on a medium who is described as a big breasted beautiful former movie star And then there is of course the cat attack the cache of pornographic polaroids various superficial wounds etc Still than a hundred pages to go and the reader is shocked and horrified already So what does Matheson do He doubles downIn writing literal descriptions of horror operate much like the detailed relations of sexual or violent acts both of which come to think of it they often contain A little surprises and shocks us than a page or two bores us and three pages or makes us laugh even against our will for an extensive delineation of horror inevitably becomes an unconscious parody of the effects the writer wishes to achieve The last third of Hell House often merited my involuntary laughter And by the end of the book I was so thoroughly bored that I almost failed to register the fizzle of its ineffective ending Still there are some excellent thrills here If you unlike me value horror above terror you may find a lot here to like

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Hell HouseE parapsychologue s'empresse d'accepter espérant bien ainsi triompher des maléfices et vérifier ses théories scientifiues sur l'existence d'une vie après la mort Arrivés sur place les investigateurs se rendent vite com. “I am certain you will find your stay here most illuminatingIt is regrettable I cannot be here with youAll your needs have been provided forNothing has been overlooked Go where you will and do what you will – these are the cardinal precepts of my home Feel free to function as you choose There are no responsibilities no rules ‘Each to his own device’ shall be the only standard here May you find the answer that you seek It is here I promise you” Emeric Belasco in Richard Matheson’s Hell House 1971“Our house is a very very very fine house” Crosby Stills Nash Young “Our House” from the album Déjà vu 1970Here I am as we hurtle towards Christmas attempting to finish up my Halloween reading If you suint though Richard Matheson’s Hell House is kinda sorta a Christmas book No there isn’t a tree or lights or ornaments or Santa or a crèche There is to be clear very little by way of cheer Yes there are demonic presences possession insidious terror and death But it’s set in the days leading up to Christmas To be precise the entire course of this novel takes place between December 18 and December 24 1970 So there’s thatThe plot and setting of Hell House is very familiar Indeed if you’ve ever read Shirley Jackson’s The Haunting of Hill House you’ll find it a variation on the same theme Derivative even Both books take place in legendary haunted houses and feature a small cast of characters who attempt to explore its paranormal reputation But whereas Hill House deals in slow creeping and ambiguous terror Matheson’s work is one of horror By the end of Hell House there are no ambiguities left All is revealed in explicit fashion For further non reuired reading My review of The Haunting of Hill House Matheson doesn’t waste any time with a lengthy set up Within the first few pages the premise is laid out A rich old man named Deutsch wants to know the truth about ghosts He’s willing to pay well for facts that support either position So he offers a great deal of money for a few ualified people to enter the infamous Belasco House in Maine The deal they have to stay a week; and also not die The four people who take up Deutsch on his offer are thinly sketched but serve their purposes Dr Barrett is a physicist a man of science who believes that all things have an explanation arising from the laws of nature His wife Edith is a retreating mousy woman dealing naturally in a book like this with some repressed psychosexual issues Florence Tanner is a spiritual medium the kind of “over emotive” type who will soon come into philosophical conflict with Dr Barrett Finally there is Benjamin Fischer once known as one of the most powerful mediums around and who has been in Hell House before and seen its deadly powers Upon entering Hell House “the Mount Everest of haunted houses” Matheson gradually increases the tension This is not a slow moving book by any means and at 301 paperback pages it’s not overlong; however it is not in any great hurry This is a slow burn but one that eventually ignites into a conflagration I found Matheson’s pacing to be generally effective He starts in a vein similar to Shirley Jackson in that he keeps things out of focus and uncertain You are not given a vision of what is in front of you so much as you receive glances of the dark edges on the periphery of your vision Things go bump in the night The history of the house is parceled out in fragments The screws turn tighter and tighter and tighter Unlike in Hill House however it is starkly evident that Hell House is definitely haunted Matheson writes in the third person omniscient He jumps in and out of all four characters' heads Despite his godlike viewpoint he doesn’t find all that much interesting in his creations No one makes a very strong impression Dr Barrett is the most clearly drawn an archetype His wife stands out mainly because Matheson uses her to gauge the rising level of fear within those walls Florence and FischerWell let’s just say that I kept confusing them even though one is a buxom redhead with a “Junoesue figure” no less and the other is not I can’t really say a lot about the plot without spoiling it I think it’s safe to say that it is pretty eventful The end of Jackson’s Hill House left me scratching my head and reading internet analyses The end of Hell House did not There is a lot action here as well as a pretty clear resolution The uestions Matheson raises are all answered Whether or not you will be satisfied with those answers is an open uestion Matheson’s tale is relatively explicit It doesn’t compare to the hyperbolically grand guignol excesses of Stephen King but it does deal in bloodshed in the occasional swearing there are a couple really well placed f words and than a few sexual situations I think a word on the sex is in order To wit it is so bad it’s great One scene is so ridiculously over the top it became an instant favorite of mine I’m not going to ruin it for youunless you want me to view spoilerAt one point Florence decides that the appropriate course of action for her to take is to have sex with a ghost Now you might be saying to yourself That is a pretty great idea Dear reader I assure you it is not hide spoiler