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Read & Download Murder Mile Ü PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Î ❃ [EPUB] ✻ Murder Mile By Tony Black ➜ – In a cold windswept field on the outskirts of Edinburgh lies the brutally mutilated body of a young woman As DI Rob Brennan looks at the tangled mass of limbs and blood he feels his Ss certainly think soRob Brennan is determined to uncover the truth however painful that might be But truth is hard to come by in a world of police rivalries media hysteria and copycat crime. Thought I'd enjoyed this author before but had got him mixed up with another Tony this one I've given up on onceFrom the blurb this sounded right up my street but I hadn't got to the end of the prologue before I was picking fault in this case how far a guy walked from a car to take a pee irritated me God knows why Things didn't improve with the introduction of the main characters Nothing new here characters relationships we've seen so many times ie DI boss at loggerheads This wouldn't have been a problem but I felt no engagement with the characters whatsoever In particular Brennan's ponderings annoyed me with their air of pontificating poor little me attitude He wondered why he stayed in the job yeah I wondered too as he wasn't half depressing me As I found I was skimming rather than reading I packed it in at the end of chapter 9 page 72 Well that maybe forty odd pages than I managed with Truth Lies Bleeding but that's me done with this author

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EezeLike Fiona Gow five years earlier this girl has been strangled with her own stockings sexually mutilated and her eyes have been gouged out Is this the work of an Edinburgh Ripper The pre. Tony The New BlackLast year I had the pleasure of being introduced to DI Rob Brennan the new kid on the block for Scottish police fiction I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know him and was left looking forward to the next time we’d meetI bumped into Rob again earlier this week in the new book Murder MileHe looked well at least in the circumstances Tough dogged passionate about the job and not about to suck up to anybody for any reason is how I found him – no change thereHe’s working another case That of a psychopath in Edinburgh A real nutter who delights in mutilation of young womenKicked out of the house by his wife missing his daughter and having had to break the news of a new death to a young woman’s parents might be things he takes in his stride but I think I know him well enough to see him buckling under the pressure no matter how philosophical he tries to beAnd hell I don’t envy the office politics in his place; I thought my school was bad but it has nothing on the police station not even close Seems the economic crisis is hitting the boys in blue as much as everyone else So I told him get the best you can to do the job the bean counters can go and play with their chick peas while you set about solving the caseNow I happen to know that there’s a pimping ex con with only the one prostitute in his team and she’s past her sell by date even though she’s only a young un Drugs you see They’ll do that to some people Anyway this guy has some information on the killer and is thinking about earning a little money to pay off a loan shark – which means he has to be pretty desperate if you ask meI’d tell the DI but I know he likes to work these things out for himselfAll in all it was a whirlwind of a meetingBrennan’s nothing but stoical He’s doing the usual thorough search and he’s not going to let it go Dog with a bone that guy with sharp teeth to go with itI’m really glad that I caught up with him again I reckon you’d like to meet him too Will it matter that you didn’t get to know him on his last case I don’t think so I know him better now but I would have loved him while he works the Murder Mile even if I’d never set eyes on him before When he tells you stories they stand alone with a lot of strength so don’t worry on that score If you’ve already been there then you’re in for a similar treat There might be a little of the ‘deja vu’ but that’s only because you’re like old friends alreadyI’m hoping we’ll get together again next year Hard to guess whether he’ll have been thrown out of the force by then or got sick of that politics or whether he’ll be on the way back from another ‘break’ Who knows Only time will tellTill then DI good luck with catching that lunatic Make sure our kids our safe on the streets Bless you for that sir Bless you

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Murder MileIn a cold windswept field on the outskirts of Edinburgh lies the brutally mutilated body of a young woman As DI Rob Brennan looks at the tangled mass of limbs and blood he feels his heart fr. Enjoyed the first in this series but this one was a bit of a letdownDidn't really develop the characters no mention at all of the main character's girlfriend and the story was too unbelievable and one scene was practically a repeat of one from the first bookShowing the seedy side of Edinburgh was interesting in the first book but in this one the putting down of my home city went just too far and began to irritateStill an easy read so not a complete write off but for me a big disappointment after the first in the series