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Tobacco Sticks Read ´ 2 È ❰KINDLE❯ ❃ Tobacco Sticks Author William Hazelgrove – In the aftermath of WW II the Hartwell family struggles to remain whole as a season of change descends upon the South Old loyalties and familiar ties are abandoned as their sleepy community lashes out In the aftermath of WW IEnd a black maid who is accused of stealing a priceless heirloom from the man who wants to remain the US Senator from Virginia As his world fills with confusing strife year old Lee Hartwell struggles to avoid the perils of first love break the silen. I just finished Tobacco Sticks by Wm Hazelgrove which I feel is worthy of recognition One reviewer called it a rip off of To Kill A Mockingbird If that's the worst you can say about a book I'll take that comparison any day This is the story of a family in post World War 11 as told by the narrator a 12 year old boy The setting is Richmond Virginia which is still mired in the racial and class segregation of the Old South Yet times they are a changing The unions are starting to get a foothold and even uppity Negras are beginning to have a say in the political order which has been dominated by the old boy network That political machine is so powerful that they will use any means even illegalities to maintain the status uo The narrator Lee Hartwell witnesses the change that will touch his entire family and his friends as well His father Burke comparable to the Atticus Finch lawyer in Mockingbird has been part of the political machine and becomes the campaign manager for the power boss state senator who is up for re election Burke must straddle carefully between his own moral instincts and those of steel mill magnate Buddy Hillman who is the financial broker for the senator The latter will devote whatever efforts are necessary to beat the unionblack supporters of the challenger Lee's life is upended as his father breaks with the machine over a criminal charge lodged against Fanny a black household servant of Hillman which causes Lee and his father to be ostracized by the city Lee's friends and even the girl of his dreams Careen Hillman break with the Hartwell family Burke's courage is tested to its limits I won't say why as he defends Fanny The last third of the book will have you in angst as the trial rushes to conclusion The author although not a lawyer does create a vivid atmosphere throughout the book and especially during the trial where secrets and motives are revealed Allow me one personal criticism by pointing out a legal error He has the lawyers objecting to leading uestions on cross examination leading the witness on cross is of course permitted and common There are also hearsay problems but these technical glitches do nothing to spoil a story that captured a slice of history for me I recommend this legal and social novel to everyone Happy reading

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Ce between his family and the brother they refuse to understand and make his way in a time of unrelenting change Through it all his father counsels and confides easing the path of maturity with a strength of conviction that takes a lifetime to learn. A classic coming of age story against the backdrop of racial injustice in post WWII Richmond VA Lee really struggles with how to handle all of the information that's coming at him both in his family and beyond It is an excellent story that is done a huge disservice by poor editing at least in the Kindle edition

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Tobacco SticksIn the aftermath of WW II the Hartwell family struggles to remain whole as a season of change descends upon the South Old loyalties and familiar ties are abandoned as their sleepy community lashes out with hate when Burke Hartwell Sr chooses to def. C'mon I loved to Kill A Mockingbird too I wouldn't try and re write it give it a different title and think that people are going to give you credit for an original storyif it wasn't a glaring rip off it would have been better That being said the story it rips off is so great that even a copy of it is still going to be good to read