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The uarter Boys Michel Doucette Sassy Jones Mystery #1 free read ¶ 100 ¸ [EPUB] ✵ The uarter Boys Michel Doucette Sassy Jones Mystery #1 Author David Lennon – The day that a tourist is discovered murdered in a guest house in New Orleans' French uarter Joel Faulkner an innocBoys Michel PDFEPUB #190 The day that a tourist is discovered murdered in a guest house in New Orleans' French uarter Joel The uarter PDF Faulkner an innocent year old from Mississippi arrives in town hoping to start a new life When he uarter Boys Michel PDFEPUB #188 meets homicide detective Michel Doucette he feels uarter Boys M. 23 StarsSo much meh I don't even wanna re hash it; some of my reactions are in the updates if you wanna read them On the whole it was a boring story with a ridiculous plot and 2 dimensional characters I could never bring myself to care about Joel acted like a pre teen idiot most of the book entirely TSTL and Michel was just mired in too much angst about being gay sort ofEverything meandered along seemingly headed toward solving this crime with a few detours into the gay cultural meccas of NOLA if in a way too dull paceonly to have the last 15% feel like a race for the finish line in a whirl of what the fuck actionAnd considering the author's intent to give Samuel L Jackson an Oscar worthy role in the would befuture movie version of this book Lady Chanel sure wasn't much to go gaga over Yes she was the epicenter of every scene she was in but they were few and far between and didn't have the kind of meat reuired to get a nomination So that was disappointing as wellBad guy kind of came from out of nowhere; I hate that Don't drop a shit ton of red herrings and then give us someone we have no way of knowing would be mentally deranged enough to pull this shit offFinally if all of this isn't enough there was no sex None In a book that pretty much revolves around rent boyshustlershookers Not even fade to black It was all next day barely mentions BlahAlso the barely suppressed transphobia and hatred started to get on my nerves Just 'cause you have a Drag ueen supporting character doesn't mean it can't be offensive

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R a fresh start Little does he suspect that Joel's life depends on his finding the killer or foresee the personal sacrifices he'll have to make to succeed The uarter Boys is the first in a series of novels featuring detectives Michel Doucette and Sassy Jones The second book Echoes won the Lambda Literary Award for Best Gay Myster. Murder mysteries especially those with slight romantic undertones pairs nicely together with New Orleans like café au lait and beignets “The uarter Boys” begins with a brutal murder on the same day that Joel Faulkner; a relatively inexperienced twenty two year old starts a new life in New Orleans where he believes he can be himself – a young gay man Joel has come to live with Chance a childhood friend from his home state of Mississippi who has already established a life for himself in the Big Easy The day that Joel arrives he is met at the bus station by Chance and Lady Chanel the gracious transsexual with a heart of gold who seems to be an amalgamation of Lady Chablis in “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil” and Vida of “To Wong Fong Thanks for Everything Julie Newmar” Meanwhile investigating the murder is Detective Michel Doucette and partner Sassy Jones probably the most understanding and forgiving partner I’ve ever read of NOPD – I sensed that each of these characters have their own interesting history although Michael is the primary focus in uarter Boys – he has recently lost his mother and is wrestling with his own inner struggles of who he is or perceived to be “The uarter Boys” plot is similar to the ornamental balconies in the French uarter a story with twists and turns and complexity – drawing the reader in to try and get a bead on the killer’s identity The main characters are sympathetic although Joel seemed naïve than I would expect to encounter in a story set in 2004 Young adults seem savvier or jaded to the ways of the world compared to their counterparts of a few years ago In “The uarter Boys” Joel and Michael find themselves mutually attracted while encountering each other at a bar They spend one night together with each having a meaningful impact on the other; however the story isn’t centered on their prospective relationship and the author portrays it without resorting to emotional manipulation or romantic clichés Joel and Michael are protagonists trying to understand themselves andor the world around them – their story in regard to the importance of individual choices and its impact is deftly conveyed by the author The plot is complex but the narrative clear cut It is a wonderful whodunit set in a city that lends its own uniue personality into mix I believe it is a story that would be enjoyed by anyone who appreciates a murder mystery

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The uarter Boys Michel Doucette Sassy Jones Mystery #1Ichel Doucette Sassy MOBI #10003 his life is finally coming together but soon he finds himself being uarter Boys Michel Doucette Sassy MOBI #10003 drawn into a world of drugs and prostitution and directly into the path of the killer When Michel and his partner Alexandra Sassy Jones are given the case Michel sees it as a chance fo. I absolutely loved Michel and his partnership with Sassy I was a little sad about my favorite character Lady Chanel I won't get into that its part of the mystery Joel and Chase best friends since kids were a bit immature but I had to remember they were young and Chase a bit dramatic I do think Michel helps Joel to grow up a bit Joel also helps Michel grow as well emotional wise as he's never had a love interest beforeThere's a lot of who dunnit and twists and just a great murder mystery read 45