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The Vanishing SeasonNly girl of her exact description to go missing She’s just the latest in a frightening pattern going back decades in cities throughout the entire countryIn a race against time Eliza’s determined to bring Brooklyn home and somehow find the link to the cold case that has haunted Eddison and the entire Crimes Against Children team since its inception. #1 The Butterfly Garden The Collector #1 3 Stars#2 Roses of May The Collector #2 4 Stars#3 The Summer Children The Collector #3 5 Stars The Vanishing Season is the conclusion to The Collector Series by Dot Hutchison and it’s a very satisfying end to on my favorite mystery thriller series I like how we came full circle with this book and how the uestions that have been haunting me through the series are now answered in the best way possibleThe whole series follows a team of FBI agents and each book is told from the perspective of one of the agents The Vanishing Season focuses on Agent Eliza Sterling as she searches along with her team for an eight year old girl who’s gone missing when coming back from school but the similarities between her disappearance and the disappearance of Bran’s sister faith decades ago makes the case a very emotional one for the whole teamAs the investigations progresses it becomes very clear that the girl may be one of many and the culprit they’re looking for may have been taking young girls for years and years We heal mostly but even scars can bleed As conclusions go this one is really good It ties all the loose ends; it respects the characters arcs and their individual journey and answers all the uestions that’s been there along the way while giving us a very deep picture of who the characters are and how far they have come I loved everything about it from the mystery and how it was handled to all the revelations that touched our heroes one way or another to the fact that they are finally at peace with everything they went through coming out stronger after every struggle I really love how even though the mysteries are well done n every single book they are written with a compassion and emotions they’re not glorified or exaggerated for shock value I mean the series is one of the most sensitive series I’ve read in a very long way The author shows respect through her brilliant writing to the pain the characters endure and to the tragedies that happen in the whole series Life has a way of mocking our choices The characters has always been written in a way that makes you root for them to make it through to move on from the hurt of the past and embrace the beauty of possibilities and that’s what happened in this finale I can’t be happier with the outcome of this book even though it’s was really sad painful to read and sometimes hard to get through at the end I’m happy that I gave this series a chance and that I grow to know the characters and with every book and see them grow and change and become happier leaving the pain behind without forgetting the struggles that made them who they areTouching Hopeful and deeply moving The Collector Series is a must read for fans of the thrillermystery genre and even if you're not a fan I think you'll become one after reading this series Please give it a chance you won’t regret

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Oo is the girl’s resemblance to The Vanishing eBook #195 Eliza so uncanny they could be mother and daughterWith Eddison’s unsettled past rising again with rage and pain Eliza is determined to solve this case at any cost But the closer she looks the reluctant she is to divulge to her increasingly shaken partner what she finds Brooklyn isn’t the o. Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for a free copy of this book in return for an honest reviewThere's a line towards the end of this book that talks about the extraordinary kindness people can surprise you with and I think that sums up exactly what drove this series so deep into my heart I really don't get emotional about books any but I couldn't maintain dry eyes throughout the last uarter Something about these agents and the family they've built for themselves just hits such a true note that it's like having that family as my ownWe're still only just under a month from publication so obviously this will be a spoiler free review As usual though you'll miss a lot if you do this and all the books can be read on their own but why would you want to not go back I do every time a new book comes out In terms of the other books this is similar to #3 we're back with the CAC team rather than the survivors of a horror but in this particular case it's hard not to blur the lines a bit The characters we've grown to love don't disappoint and there's a host of new people to extend your heart toI really am very emotional about this series and Dot Hutchison has pulled off a true miracle in bringing such hope and happiness into what can be such a dark genre She's an author who believes in kindness and it's extraordinary powers and I can't wait to see what she does next

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REVIEW Ý The Vanishing Season Ì [Reading] ➼ The Vanishing Season By Dot Hutchison – A recent abduction becomes an unexpected link to a decades long spree of unspeakable crimesEight year old Brooklyn Mercer has gone missing And as accustomed as FBI agents Eliza Sterling and Brandon Ed A recent abduction becomes anA recent abduction becomes an unexpected link to a decades long spree of unspeakable crimesEight year old Brooklyn Mercer has gone missing And as accustomed as FBI agents Eliza Sterling and Brandon Eddison are to such harrowing cases this one has struck a nerve It marks the anniversary of the disappearance of Eddison’s own little sister Disturbing t. 3 little sad of ending of the series that I adored but also dissatisfied because of slow burned development and frustrated by the way of storytelling starsOkay Butterfly Garden is one of my best creepiest most blood freezing nail biting mind bending nightmarish book and I enjoyed it too much So when the new books of the series published naturally I wanted to read Other two books of the series are not bad but not masterpieces they were regular thriller books They’re okay ish But this one isn’t okay for meAnd I have problems with this book BECAUSE 8 years old Brooklyn’s kidnapping is completely overshadowed by Agent Eddison’s resuming traumatic issues about her sister’s disappearance and over dramatic connection and relationship problems between him and Sterling The House the Wedding Dress mentioned than crimes Too many characters too many personal details and daily issues The women agents were acting like high school girls made me uestion the genre I thought that was not a YA thriller and too many Spanish I hate to read a book with a dictionary Burning the wedding dress part made me think maybe I’m not reading thriller I’m reading a chic lit but I didn’t find out before I read the half of it After they found the killer the writer wanted to give the characters make their peace with the past but those dramatic parts and finding the corpses of the lost girls are slow dull long and not as emotional as I expected The killer part was surprising but his story was too sad and traumatic made you think you have to pity on him because of his lost and his psychological problems This series made a great start and luckily and finally most of the characters have their HEAs But I was expecting a page turner riveting gripping thriller Instead of that I got overdramatic slow burn psychological fiction Damn it