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Der Liebe im Zeichen der Reife Paul Rayments Leben ist aus den Fugen geraten als sich Elizabeth Costello unverhofft bei ihm einnist. What I love about Coetzee is that he isn’t afraid of fitting a tire over the goat’s torso As I’m reading the reviews of this book from my other Goodreads buddies many seem disturbed by the character Elizabeth Costello who truly breaks with logic and knows impossible details of characters In other words she is a meta character who speechifies some of the arguments and uestions I’m sure Coetzee had in writing this book and in the hands of a post modernist dilettante this character would have simply been self indulgence an intellectual exercise that proves how smart and well read the writer is But Coetzee uses this character in a much dazzling and unsettling way the same way Beckett uses his characters to inch closer to the terrors of black nothing EC can’t be dismissed as a “meta character” because she materializes with the same fullness as any other character in the book Coetzee puts in work to give her the same physical gestures and sensory life of Paul Rayment You don't uite know how to receive this woman You empathize with her you hear her rattling cough but you also know she’s mannered overly handled by The Author This makes you examine the idea of “character” and you realize there are only slight differences at least in theory between EC and the rest of the gang I felt wonderfully weird reading this book In The Life and Times of Michael K Coetzee pulls a similar move in breaking the symmetry of the book using a 1st person narrative that recounts the first ¾’s of the book told in 3rd person This move itself wasn’t what disturbed the reader It was the position of this move about 34's into the book Huh Cynthia Ozik considered this the only flaw in the book but maybe I just see flaws as artistic necessities What are we trying to do make the perfect reproduction of the world Or are we trying to bend light and distort so that the world can experience what the artist sees I loved this book

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Slow ManEt Seinen Reflexionen stellt sie Lebenspraxis entgegen seiner Radikalität liebevollen Spott Doch um Rettung ist es ihm nicht zu tu. I read far than was necessary to finally determine this book was not worth reading Upon the entrance of Elizabeth Costello I knew pretty much that I was in for a weighty disappointment The main character and his stubborn life style refusals and insistence on furthering an ill fated and inappropriate love affair left me feeling basically disgusted with the pitiful old gent I was embarrassed for all aging men and what they might become if served heaped on a plate filled with leftover mediocrities I have no idea what possessed a man of such talent as Coetzee's to write this drivel and why he allowed it to even be published The text is nothing short of despicable and I doubt the experience will wash completely off me But I will rub and scrub with the harshest of detergents and hope the cleansing chemicals will somehow save me instead of causing a deadly cancer to grow But after reading two thirds of this I cannot imagine what that could be

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Slow Man Read & download ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ¼ [PDF / Epub] ✅ Slow Man Author J.M. Coetzee – Meisterhaft und überraschend erzählt der Nobelpreisträger J MCoetzee in seinem ersten Roman seit dem Welterfolg »Schande« von der Liebe im Zeichen der ReifMeisterhaft und überraschend erzählt der Nobelpreisträger J MCoetzee in seinem ersten Roman seit dem Welterfolg »Schande« von. I can't deny that JM Coetzee is indeed a talented writer Clear concise exacting prose And duh he did win the Nobel Prize after all But I don't think this one is the one read Disgrace probably is What starts out as a uite conventional story soon morphs into something bordering on ludicrous Is it magical realism A darkly comedic satire on death vs consciousness Or just a novelist indulging in not having to adhere to any chosen path or structure And not bothering to answer some key uestions about certain characters As a mediation on aging intimacy and mortality it excels As a novel it fails to deliver a coherent narrative And soon becomes tedious If it weren't so short and a fast read I probably would've tossed it aside