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La neige était sale summary ´ 108 Å [EPUB] ✹ La neige était sale Author Georges Simenon – Aos dezenove anos Frank Friedmaier vive na França sob a ocupação nazista no início dos anos 1940 Todos lutam para sobreviver Ele mora na casa da mãe um prostíbulo ue serve aos oficiais alemães Aos dezenove anosAos dezenove anos Frank Friedmaier vive na França sob a ocupação nazista no início dos anos Todos lutam para sobreviver Ele mora na casa da mãe um prostíbulo ue serve aos oficiais alemães mas busca um sentido para sua vida Friedmaier é um cafetão um bandido um La neige Epubladrão Assim ue o livro começa ele acaba de c. Corporate OccupationFrom time to time Georges Simenon has been either accused of collaboration or praised for his resistance during the German occupation of France in WWII Dirty Snow suggests that a substantial middle ground which might be called ‘exploitative participation’ exists and could just be closer to the truth This region is inhabited by many particularly those of the permanent underclass who perceive occupation as another not terribly significant fact of life to be dealt with by the usual means crime Or precisely purposeless criminality For the protagonist Frank military occupation simply means increased opportunity Murder in particular is less problematic than during peacetime and one simply yearns to test one’s mettle in such a permissive atmosphere In fact all relationships are worth less to Frank than they might have been otherwise with the naive girl who lives across the landing with the newly recruited prostitutes in his mother’s brothel with his felonious pals All are expendableBut aside from the momentary thrill of conuest none of Frank’s actions are meant to advance any objective He already lives well with no financial concerns and no real worry about punishment He’s on the way up in the underworld society which itself is entirely nihilistic Everyone has something on everyone else so that everyone on closer view has something to feel guilty about In other words the only reason you don’t betray other people is for fear of being betrayed by them” The skill therefore is to be the first to betrayOn second or third thought could it be that most of us occupy this middle ground of exploitative participation in the corporate society which itself acts as an occupational force in our midst Getting on for the sake of getting on Acting for the thrill of reputational advance Murder and other illegalities may be off limits but betrayal in the corporate world comes just as easily as it does for Frank in occupied territory Frank may merely be the apotheosis of the good corporate citizen

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Ias como se fossem um só desiste de comer domestica seus desejos e cultiva uma indiferença absoluta em relação à vida Num estudo da mente criminosa comparado a 'O assassino em mim' de Jim Thompson Simenon mapeia uma terra de ninguém em ue a natureza humana é levada à destruição por forças ue estão além de seu contro. In his afterword to this novel William T Vollmann opines As technology and corporatism impel us and to treat one another like things loyalty and decency approach irrelevance except between intimates and sometimes even then Dirty Snow is certainly a book that compels a reader to feel much the same as WTV does about what happens to the human soul in the trash compactor crush of Money and Civilization but there are many books that tell this story So why read this oneSimenon's particular genius is giving us a protagonist loathsome yet relatable and portrayed with a subtlety that belies his horrific actions Frank is like the rest of us his need to count to be known recognized isn't anything new Simenon puts us in the mind of a creature that by the end of the story we find real discomfort in just how human a monster can be The snow falls where it wants when it wants whether mankind wishes it or no In the end all we can do is make it filthy

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La neige était saleOmeter seu primeiro assassinato Pela escuridão de um inverno interminável o protagonista se afundará na abjeção até ue não haja mais saída Este livro já foi descrito como um dos raros romances nascidos sob a França ocupada ue vão direto ao ponto Atrás das grades depois de ser descoberto pelos oficiais Frank vive os d. 1 14 perhaps M’sieur could I have a word pleaseYes what is it We notice that you recently finished reading Dirty Snow Would you care to answer a few uestions about itYes I would like that I think it might be useful to me than you can imagine Well first we have seen that you initially gave it 4 stars then changed it to 2 Why was that I think my initial rating was a result of not wanting to appear dim witted But after a considerable amount of thought I realized that I couldn’t give it 4 stars based on the way I rate books And what is that My ratings basically are indications of the experience I had reading a book and what I thought I was able to take away from that experience They do not attempt to pass any kind of judgment on the worth uality whatever of the book at least not usually Based on this I realized that the proper rating for the book was no than 2 So you didn’t enjoy reading this bookCertainly not That’s not to say that I found it totally uninteresting Why didn’t you enjoy itWell what’s to enjoy I suppose if one were a huge fan of noir one could find the experience of reading this book very satisfying But my guess is that this example of noir might be very extreme Wouldn’t it be the case that in most noir novels there is at least one main character that we can relate to on some level I didn’t find that here We’ll ask the uestions if you please So you couldn’t relate to Frank in any wayLook I’m a person who likes to think that he has uite a capability of empathizing with people But that is only possible when you can discern something about the person’s life attitudes beliefs desires that you either have direct experience with yourself or can you think imagine what having such experience would be like For me I can’t find anything like that in Frank Frankly ho ho if I knew a person like Frank I would stay far away from him; and if I couldn’t do that I would probably try to figure out some way of eliminating him from my environment like you eliminate poison ivy from your backyard You did admit that you found something interesting in the book didn’t youYes The story line itself was certainly interesting enough to keep me reading at least in the sense that I did continue to wonder what the outcome of this repellant chain of events would be I also thought the tale went up a notch in the third part of the book which recalled to me impressions I still had from reading Kafka’s Trial long ago It’s sometimes said that this novel is a magnificent tale about what it is like for a city to be occupied by a foreign army Any thoughts on thatThere is something to that much rings very true in that regard But many different stories could have been told that would not only include all those keen observations about foreign occupation but would at the same time not be so unremittingly unpleasant to read So you really have very little in the way of positive commentsSPOILER ALERT – this paragraph onlyview spoilerAs I said I don’t take myself to be a literary critic so I’m not judging the book one way or another as “literature” Though having made that admission I do need to add that I found the ending of the book the SissyHolst episode totally unbelievable To imagine a young woman having the feelings that Sissy has in the story is impossible unless one assumes that she is as dead to life as Frank himself is – in which case they deserve each other Of course Holst himself is eually unbelievable in this context It strikes me as a deus ex machina which enables Simenon to end the tale as he wants to hide spoiler