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Librarian Note Alternate Cover a Good MOBI #183 Edition for ASIN BKNIIKCLEAN SUSPENSETHRILLER Piper Banion spent her first eighteen years living an abusive nightmare After graduating from C Addison High her best friend Shelly Jamison finally convinces Cause Shes PDF or her to move to California to start a new life and get to know Shelly’s family The summer spent with the Jamison’s exposes Piper to a world completely opposite from the pain and rejection Shes a Good ePUB #185 of her childhood warmth love and acc. I won a copy of this book through an giveaway and was excited to give it a try First let me just say that the cover does not match the story I was expecting of a psychological thrillerdark romance type of book I think I would classify it as a mysterythriller novel Whatever the classification I'm happy to report that I truly enjoyed the storyTeenager Piper Banion comes from a single parent home with an abusive mother After she notifies the authorities about a terrible crime her mother Connie has committed she is hailed a hero but soon flees her hometown in search of anonymity Five years later Piper is living with her good friend Shelly when she she learns that Connie has been released from prison for good behavior Having little doubt that her mother would still be seething with rage Piper accepts Shelly's invitation to head to her hometown in CaliforniaIt turns out that Shelly is from an affluent family and has a five year old daughter whom she left in the care of her parents Piper is welcomed into the family home with open arms and begins to bond with Shelly's family members including her Prince lookalike cousin nicknamed OzThough in sunny California now things aren't as picture perfect as it seems A serial killer is on the loose in the area Then Piper starts receiving strange phone calls Is there a connection Soon Piper suspects that she may know the identity of the killer But that knowledge may very well endanger her lifeThe story is well paced and very entertaining though to be honest I wish that the author didn't reveal who the killer was so soon It would have been better to keep readers guessing in my opinion The one issue I have about this book is that within numerous spots throughout the story the writing switches from past to present tense with the interjection of a narrative voice I thought it disrupted the natural flow of the story though not enough to render it unenjoyable The characters are realistic and relatable each with their share of strengths and weaknesses I especially liked Piper The ending brought everything together nicely and though bittersweet it was good and satisfying

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Cause Shes a Good GirlWhen the faces of the nine women appear one by one in seuence on the TV screen she is positively sure that she's met five of the women a week before their deaths Coincidence Is there a connection Time is now a countdown to the moment she can identify the killer and expose him But in the midst of this dangerous plight she finds herself in she learns that someone has taken Shelly A muffled voice over the phone claims responsibility and it's not the Silk Stocking Serial Killer who's daring her to come rescue her frie. I really think this is a great book I felt it is well written and a great story line and plot Great characters as well I loved getting back to this book whenever I could I don't want to say much of the story because I would want you to have as close of an experience as I did which was a great one I will be reading books by this author

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Download ✓ Cause Shes a Good Girl ï PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB º [BOOKS] ⚡ Cause Shes a Good Girl Author Groovy Lee – Librarian Note Alternate Cover Edition for ASIN B00KNI3I3KCLEAN SUSPENSETHRILLER Piper Banion spent her first eighteen years living an abusive nightmare Eptance are her emotional companions now And along with that comes a bit of excitement in the form of Oz Shelly’s cousin who looks just like Prince a headache inducing fact he’s reminded of often And like ninety nine percent of the women in Destin California Piper has fallen for him As she spends those lazy days peeking around walls and from behind the kitchen door admiring him her attention is soon captured by those Special News Bulletins showcasing the latest murder victim of the Silk Stocking Serial Killer. I enjoyed reading this book The difference between how two of the characters turned out after terrible childhoods is breathtaking I loved the personalities of each character and how their relationships morphed as the book went on I loved to hate the killer and was leased that they turned out to be on my list of suspects I loved the emphasis placed on love personal choices and innocence seeing through all the facades we put up around ourselves I felt like the cover was scandalous than reuired for the content Its a fast paced story that made me find and adapt ideas from the book to real world concepts while still letting me drift away in a good book