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review Stiffed The Betrayal of the American Man Ð eBook or Kindle ePUB ↠ ❰Reading❯ ➶ Stiffed The Betrayal of the American Man Author Susan Faludi – One of the most talked about books of recent years in Stiffed the Pulitzer Prize winning author of Backlash expTo collapse the once valued male attributes of craft loyalty and social utility are no longer honored much less rewardedFaludi's journey through the modern masculine landscape takes her into the lives of individual men The Betrayal of the American ePUB #231 whose accounts reveal the heart of the male dilemma Stiffed brings us into the world of industrial workers sports fans combat veterans evangelical husbands militiamen astronauts and troubled bad boys whose sense that they've lost their skills jobs civic roles wives teams and a secure future is only one symptom of a larger and historic betrayal. It's an interesting book and a compassionate one too but it's ultimately a failure to me For a book whose title proclaims it to be about a betrayal it spends very little time on the subject of the betrayers concentrating instead on the problems of the betrayed Not that these problems are not real or worthy of study just that this is a book about symptoms not causes Indeed even its diagnosis of symptoms is incompleteFaludi repeatedly fails to come to grips with the how and why of the title's betrayal This is a book about two generations of men baby boomers and gen x ers It conspicuously fails to interrogate the men who were these men's fathers and grandfathers or to ask why they did what they did It shies away any time it gets close to portraying the true villains who get to remain mostly faceless corporate and government functionaries as if downsizing and asset stripping are merely weather conditions whose cause cannot be guessed at The fact that with one exception rags to riches story Sly Stallone every rich man who appears in this book is shown to be callous and duplicitous apparently fails to register on Faludi who talks in the conclusion of the men's struggle as being different from the women's primarily in lacking an easily identifiable enemy On the contrary the enemy is identified several times in the book but Faludi apparently fails to recognise him every timeThat said if you want to read about how the last few decades worth of social and economic trends have affected a somewhat representative sample of American men this is your book But this is a book that raises uestions than provides answers and I'd like it a lot if I didn't get the nagging feeling that the lack of answers is due to a certain unwillingness on the author's part to think too deeply about the uestions

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One of the Betrayal of Epub #219 most talked about books of recent years in Stiffed the Pulitzer Prize winning author of Backlash explores the collapse of traditional masculinity that has left men feeling betrayed With Backlash in Susan Faludi broke new ground when she put her finger directly on the problem bedeviling women and the light of recognition dawned on millions of her readers what's making women miserable isn't something they're doing to themselves Stiffed The PDFEPUB or in the name of independence It's something our society is doing to women The book was nothing less than a landmarkNow. Susan Faludi is brilliant She is without a doubt one of the most skilled insightful and nuanced investigative journalists of our time I would say that her work often crosses over between journalism and anthropology She has an incredible knack for getting to the heart of the story for getting people to open up to her and share what's really going on in their lives and cultures She is the most thorough writer I have ever read I mean she puts guys like Malcolm Gladwell to shame and tackles every story from all the angles each with the same depth and forthrightness She avoids assumptions and stereotypes is open to every idea and possibility and formulates complex sophisticated analyses that are both intelligent and ethical She never compromises on her feminism or on her morality and at the same time she can sit with people of every background and every ilk including rapists megalomaniacs and marginalized men and treat every one like a human being deserving her utmost respect listening to to every one with patience and sincerity and bringing out in each one the depth and a vital human story She is an artist an artist of society and the human condition I want to be Susan Faludi when I grow up I mean seriouslySO I actually read this book years ago but it has stayed with me and has influenced so much of how I look at society especially narratives around us regarding men and masculinity What prompted me to write this review now is the death of Neil Armstrong Susan Faludi's chapter on Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldridge was heart wrenching And it left me completely unable to listen to the rhetoric of space travel the same way again The idea that it is all driven by this ornamental masculinity by image and glitz over substance is just overwhelming Once you read Susan Faludi there is no going backAnd since she wrote this book nothing has changed in Western society If anything the culture has gotten worse Men are now under the patriarchal microscope too Not uite as much as women But stillSusan Faludi Brilliant Just brilliant If she were to run for president I would totally vote for her

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Stiffed The Betrayal of the American ManIn Stiffed the author turns her attention to the masculinity crisis plaguing our culture at the end of the 's an era of massive layoffs Angry White Male politics The Betrayal of the American ePUB #231 and Million Man marches As much as the culture wants to proclaim that men are made miserable or brutal or violent or irresponsible by their The Betrayal of ePUB #185 inner nature and their hormones Faludi finds that even in the world they supposedly own and run men are at the mercy of cultural forces that disfigure their lives and destroy their chance at happiness As traditional masculinity continues. Faludi makes her case via storytelling anecdotes woven through with history It's well written and flows; it's not boring sociology or impersonal statistics I read this way back in 2000 I think yet three of the chapter vignettes have stuck with me vividly 15 years later 1 So Cal lower middle class suburbia Lakewood I think gone all wrong and rapey2 the pathetic yet poignant jerking around of Cleveland Browns fans and the whole Ravens drama3 dismay and depression caused by post Cold War unemployment and status deflation of white collar defense workers in California In these and other journalistic case studies Faludi draws out her core thesis If I remember correctly Since the WWII era many men's roles in American society went from productive meaningful work to roles based on status peacocking and even ornament A superficial machismo based on nonproductive consumption even in some cases being an anti feminist dick began to compete with the old fashioned ideal of the good provider True the good provider role had its problems; in practice it often reinforced so called benevolent sexism Nevertheless at least the role was theoretically based on supporting others In its most ideal form it was a norm of pro social contribution and even group solidarity rather than tenuous individual status seeking and display Stoic not braggy; producing not consuming Obviously the book's reportage is from the 1990s but I suspect that Faludi's depiction of middle aged white guy frustration and the sulky entitled young manchild would hold up today The only difference is there may be less excuse for not having made any adjustments in the intervening 16 years I was pretty young when I read it so a lot of post WW2 thru '90s American history was new to me; I may or may not find it as rigorous today Also I don't remember whether it mostly focused on white folks or if it covered a diversity of experiences so caveat lector and all that At any rate a persuasive yet sympathetic case from a feminist that hypercapitalism and sexism are bad for men too