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Unintended Unexpected #3 Free download ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ↠ ➾ [Download] ➻ Unintended Unexpected #3 By Amity Cross ➷ – Horticulturetrader.co.uk Blair believes she's broken beyond repairWest believes he's beyond redemptionIt doesn't stop either of them from fighting for what theyNd fluffy kittens or total annihilation If he wants to win Blair's love he has to come clean Not just to herbut the entire worldAll the biggest mistakes are unintended but this time it might ruin them foreve. After enjoying the first two books in this series I was ready to read this one once it came out I wasn't impressed and it lacked much interaction between the two main characters

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Blair believes she's broken beyond repairWest believes he's beyond redemptionIt doesn't stop either of them from fighting for what they want Even if they have to go down kicking and screaming to get itBut th. Wildcat I'm in LoveIt's everywhere It's on the radio posters magazines and everyone is talking about it What is it though Whatever it is it's about to drive Blair to the edge The waters are stormy and the decision she makes will affect both Wildcat and Dark Dangerous It's the call that could make or break them both individually and as a coupleWest is willing to jump through hoops to get Blair back but will he push her too hard Can he except it if she never comes back Can he live with the truthThis book was a super uick read and closes up all the ends that were left from the last book We find out even about the circumstances of West's life and why things are the way they are West became than a sexy rock god in this book He is suddenly a vulnerable kid trapped in a world that's always down on him Things aren't always as it seems though and sometimes those we think will be hardest on us aren'tI loved the ending It'll keep you on your toes I was expecting something completely different and event when I was on the last page I was expecting a little something that never came I'm happy with how it all ended though and loved the emotions that were in this book This book isn't full of angst It's upfront and in your face at times but the emotions are powerful in regards to what is happening and all that Blair and West have already overcome and what are still hurdle in front of themThis book is 45 and a great addition to the seriesI received a copy of this book for my honest review

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Unintended Unexpected #3Ere's one final hurdle before the finish line West hasn't been entirely honest and when the past finally comes back to bite him in the ass it's either going to be rainbows Unintended Unexpected MOBI #10003 a. So we start with Blair running away from Jake and trying to stay hidden But of course how can you stay hidden from a man like Jake West“You need to stop running and listen Blair”“I believe the last thing I said to you was don’t follow me”As if Jake would ever follow any rules With his guilt surrounding him of falling back into his old addictions and losing the 1 woman he ever made a connection with and loved Jake is on the hunt to win Blair back For good After the band finally realize that their own Manager was behind the leaked story of Jake in rehab Jake decided that the only way to win Blair over was to tell her the truth All of it But will it make Blair stop running for goodI was dying at the end of this book It made me have such feelings for both characters that I was crying and laughing all the time What a great ending to such a brilliant Trilogy I loved it and give it 5 stars